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Shanahan: assessing RG3's injury day-by-day



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Mon, 17 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Mike with. Given the circumstances yesterday's game with -- starting for Robert I wanted to ask you about the game plan and the play calling as the game went along especially after a slow start where it was that a matter realizing what the Browns were doing. And countering it or was there something more to how. What the accounted for the office of success especially in the second half.

Well you always have a game plan going in. And there's always adjustments made you know throughout the game. But we've. We thought. Cleveland would come out with what they did they've been pretty consistent all year with what they've done defensively. Especially after last 45 games and had a lot of success and play extremely well. And you know they continue to play well and I'm very complicated what they do they do very very well. Players play hard. Like give an update on will Montgomery's injury and Tyler Columbus is injured. Yeah I'm Tyler had a concussion you know what sort of protocol with concussion like we normally have. Kyle Wilson MCL we'll talk more about that -- telling ones that. My -- Chara with your expectations for Robert this week and the quarterback situation. I got to talk about -- briefly at the end of the game you know Robert Poole be evaluated. -- day by day you know he's getting a lot of treatment. He looks good is as I think a lot of people saw him before the game. Countryman today so. Hopefully it's not too long when the doctor's OK on any rated practical streak. With wells is yet another MRI and an issue isn't what grade of strain has it been him we'll talk about a --

You talk about the greatest -- it is -- yeah. I'm going back to the game plan with -- obviously the run game sets up that play action bootleg and all that what did -- do those two. Well that impressed you as far as his handling of those plays in the play action -- it.

We we've been doing this you know since Kirk has come -- you know to the OT -- summer camp. He'll put our offensive system and and usually handle everything well. And then dropped back to play action. You know the key game to play pass. And now I thought he really stepped up to play extremely well a lot of poise during the game you know running keep Choi I think we're eleven keeps turning game. How we run a number of play passes and confident and good young Mexican elephants. Mike is -- I'm still torn. Sluggish a little -- and Michael Robert again do you expect him to have a full practice on Wednesday and if the doctors given you. Any indication if there's an increased chance of him. Being able to play this week -- like you said it it's day by day you know look at him every day sees improvement and we may feel like -- LCL is ready to go. And he can play the let me know one little nonsense you guys CSN Washington dot com.

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