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Don't tell me you are you have your media credential for the post season -- you. Just.

Did you let that be honest my January plans for the go back to Tibet and good luck to you must decide to come among them is a bit of a shocker to me tough. But -- now I do not have I'm not ready yet certain of the Redskins appear to be ready and as you well documented now what a great. Pro debut by Kirk cousins you mention what he did he started -- one for six and then finished up 25 for 31. After that one for six starts to two touchdowns are the three point nine yards by the way that is six better than Robert Griffin the thirds best. Which took place in week for so ask that slow start. Nobody.

This is my first rodeo I did tell our football in the Big Ten I had games like that restart Sloan. He got to have character and you got to finally yourself to dig deep and down and keep pushing and -- we did and that's what I'm proud of our team for -- the way we we didn't get. Spooked by slow start but. It doesn't really specify why we start playing better but we just found a rhythm we we got a good tempo going and we got a rhythm and it made all the different.

So it talks about being cool calm collective and bomb you know it is not freak out you know the first half. Collectively for our offense no one would confront a rhythm if Clark came -- second half we put up a lot of points and that's what it takes everything is not can be perfect. But did a good job stand for is and staying confident.

So here the -- can stand with two games left against the Eagles and Cowboys and they win those two they win the division and -- posting -- playoff game they're -- In their own hands for team that was once. Three and six.

This is who we thought we didn't get hit -- season you know we've we've we've got that we where a team that could do this and that you know we've we've shown that we've been able. -- regards everybody on the grass and do. Mean never does reputation or you and you know in the lead. That I got his locker room had been in the lead for so and those who. Feel good to go out there -- no fresh. You know just kind of what binges just play football you know I know you don't have to be perfect you know we've been far from part of this team but you know somehow some -- and you know we'll find a way to win football games.

Lot of federal when you're when you're down. There's also a lot of chatter when hero when you're when you're successful when you got to block it all -- we can all be damaging -- all of courtesy so we discussed available in our -- mobile. Cannot continue to do so to rally around each other and play like our record was a war we got to play like we're underdogs and we feel we were part of are going to be you know going forward but we got to convince ourselves that we are and -- you Tillman will.

And while they hope to have that momentum with Robert -- Thurber get a better sense of where he's at on Wednesday when they resume practice up by the way. Robert's number ten Jersey now -- they record as the the single season. Topping the sales of Bob Brett Favre did it twice. The single season record for Robert Griffin the third the highest selling Jersey ever since the NFL's -- to track of those numbers six years ago of course the skins really don't care. They like to see him in the uniform on Sunday CSN Washington dot com.

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