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Tue, 18 Dec 2012|



Csnwashington.com. Pilot's head down to Verizon Center where Chris Miller is getting ready suit up for tonight's game there was quite actress -- you can run the floor despite the.

limits they some -- left patella tendon and I have a really good. Working relationship and I'm not trying to do that tonight against the Atlanta Hawks well for John Wall you've got a call back on September the 28 organizations said he would miss approximately. Eight weeks with the early stages of -- left patella tendon strain. We're now -- well. Yesterday at CS talk to John Wall on the one on one conversation and a question -- to -- import to our conversation we are now is what exactly does ramping it up. Really me.

To -- that you can wrap off your activities what exactly does that mean what he's able to do today that you weren't able to do maybe two weeks. Over dug their burned into our home runs are lower than how I don't want to amazes give myself back careless mistake. Never received the playing goes away you don't bother you on Garnett and I just keep going keep. -- Some a little bit about when the struggles of the team going through as you sit here have the Washington street clothes how hard is what is very tentative because. -- But Adam was 1617 and lots of things -- like eight and I don't caused by six points of just not as you know I'm sure it's not closing games out of we do the guys that it would take it and got it first I'd be faster as the offense and just play hard and I was young teams have. You've got to play like I'm not -- you know you can do is lay off. Bradley is a -- has -- has some good games is kind of going through that rookie rolled closer that you went through a couple of years ago. What are your conversations with him like just keep his spirits are well disciplined be more aggressive -- I think sometimes you -- past. I've been as -- you don't want a seven on my toes he's wanting to any shots for them. Right now a lot of guys get down we just need to be more aggressive coverages that sort of so values that I -- and just get to the best. Do you feel like if this team is completely healthy can you running the show you guys have enough pieces and parts to make the line but I feel good about things could do he's -- for -- just -- that -- you can and oh -- loves you -- you have -- guys in -- games -- of play and they found products are sound of the big business and he's now like to put myself but I mean by as always my team personally. That is for like should be a lot easier than they did down late for my teammates and in this fast break points he got -- whole exercise is tough to score. I'm glad to have scored six places got to get out of it can be the only thing that can simply you're away from winning game by two full points.

Why can't report the last fifteen minutes I've learned some walls start to travel with the team that's good news still not cleared to practice coming up part through my conversation with -- on Wizards central. We talk about what he's doing since he can't play basketball you'll be surprised -- pretty good movie critic. And -- tonight the Atlanta Hawks are in town this will be the third time before Christmas these two teams have. Squared off against one another Nene is expected to play tonight he didn't play because the Miami Heat last Saturday's -- back to you and studio.

I can't even imagine how many movies John Wall has been able to watch turn this threats. -- either way we need him to be able to turn that off and get back on the court running Arie thank you very much Chris Miller live from Verizon center at csnwashington.com.

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