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Military Bowl pres. Steve Beck previews matchup, talks future of Bowl in D.C.



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Tue, 18 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Scores are allowed to join us and Steve Beck the president is our director of the DC bowl committee -- to leave this bowl now the military board DC -- Is now five years that you expected to go it alone. That's a good question that.

Mean the first year when they brought me in at the beginning -- was two months before the first game and we were lucky to get the ball kicked off at the right time I mean we didn't have any staff. It was just don't believe navy comes down all the Blue Jackets and said whatever you need Steve we will help you get this game done so they were very very helpful. We got the ball kick off at the right time and now here we are five years let's have some great moments. It's called the military bowl for reason and not only do you help the military to military families as well as part of this. Right we that that's our main goal -- mission we have 22 missions in -- to support and show our. Gratitude for the people on and then armed services. We do that through a number of ways. With every year we give it to the USO at least a 100000 dollars and we give out to at least 5000 tickets to military personnel and their families. In the game as -- with all kind of military defense we have the military village up from one of helicopters humvees sea dogs and all kind of equipment. -- than inside eleven enlistment ceremony we have. The special presentation -- sergeant majors and pay off the debt of one enlisted person we have like cal Ripken's going to be there. At halftime presenting a check to renovating hope which is Asia. But racquet actually going to be presenting a key to how system was remodeled by renovating hoped for when the warrior. And there were pretty Cal's gonna present a check to renovating hope for a million dollars to do ten more pounds and next year so we're very excited about --

I had a chance to go to walk to read today in a win and went and had to deal -- some of them wounded while he's and I I got say all over and over again I go in. To think I'm -- them and I'll leave Olivo lifted why is so important to do things like this for the one it was a USO and different aspects of the notes.

We'll because they need -- help for -- it's as simple as that they've done so much for us for us to do a little bit for them and you know show our support we'll have. At least forty when the Warriors at the game we have especially USO reception pregame. And -- five medal of honor recipients was pretty cool you know. We're gonna have that the game so this is really offer them maiming that they wanna go to the game that. We wanna take care of them were -- Suisse and give them food and all that kind of stuff but. We just you know want to reach -- do as much of that kind of stuff as we can what's the committee doing moving forward and make sure that DC is the host of the vote in each and every year. We've got some interesting things going on you know the new cycle ends in 2014. The so we have next year we're ACC number agent and we're open on the other side so we're we're not quite sure where we're gonna go because. -- the conference is -- and it's so they figured out and try to figure we're going to. But you know fourteen going forward I mean we really want that we will bring the -- we've got north around and as our title sponsor they're they're in this.

You know you look at the second -- a major market and also -- Bowling Green won seven of eight of their last -- San Jose's they. Won their last six game -- so now yes some hot teams come and it. To the top 24 San Jose State's top 25 team I think those two teams can bring a lot of less -- to because we experts and fireworks.

It should be a great game I -- San Jose state is on top ranked offenses in the country -- fails third ranked quarterback in the country. So you know the very very high powered 35 point seven games something like that now on the side you have Bowling Green. Which is the number eight ranked defense nationally is so sums emirates just didn't -- something happened.

give -- the -- that they do their emotions on his wish you great success. December 27 is going to be the military bowl and we have two good teams playing and we'll see what happens so thank you having a good luck to him yet. CSN Washington dot com.

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