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CSN Washington dot com. Happy holidays welcome the CSN Washington dot com and chase Hughes. Here with mark Zuckerman on beltway baseball and what I think might be -- 47. Different and I think ten years. I don't know who is discounting their their thrown some -- -- on the way right right they think it is on any any room they want you will find a place. Once I look too cold in the ballpark could go back. Yeah yeah I guess I guess we could see Rick Anderson and we're halfway through the off season right now winter meetings have coming on and when we did a preview of this offseason -- and one objective is. Adam LaRoche whether he signs whether it goes it pretty much determines everything and it's been weeks it's ten months now. We're nothing -- nothing's really changed in as far as we know nothing's really changed as far as that offered two years or season. So why don't look at it from the other perspective what's out there from the right -- obviously he's waiting for something before he comes back is or something out right well again let's start off. By reiterating the point that yes Mike Rizzo offered him two years it's basically the same offer that's been on the table since the end of the season two years and roughly 2425. Something that range. They're not gonna go to a third year and that's -- insist all along so. Will -- have to feel like there's a better offer out there both in terms of the number of years. But also the team that -- be going to them whether or not but he had a chance to win and I really think that's. First and foremost in his mind not only wants the job security but it -- go somewhere and it went someplace like Seattle. Which has shown interest in England offered three years. I don't think is gonna kill him because that's just not a team that's rate winning anytime soon right there on the cuts they've got a lot of young talent but they do what they needed to establish. -- that they can't do it first so all along the team that really thought the nets need to be most concerned about with Texas. And it was gonna be tied into Josh Hamilton and whether or -- he stayed there. If he stayed there they have their left and power afterwards and a lot of money on him probably would have much left forgot the wrote. So once Hamilton now went and as a surprise a lot of people. That kind of reopened the door and now maybe there's a spot for the -- -- note not a whole lot has developed in the days since then. But I was told by somebody close to the Rangers organization that. As soon as they found out -- leaving Roche is named as one of the ones came up -- as somebody that they would have interest in. So I think that's possibility. The Orioles we've heard about them their level of interest I do think the interest that maybe not that third year. Is the problem and then Boston was another one that I thought was something -- -- or not they went to sign Mike Napoli Italy and -- that he'll still hasn't been finalized and and there's maybe it's liver possibly that would fall through for physical. Reason if that happened I think -- -- -- I don't think they really expect that so I really think Texas is the one that the match was nationals wouldn't need to be most concerned. You know what wanting hesitant about the Rangers have kind of realized in the last few days is that they went to the World Series two years around the last -- of them in the playoffs kind of spiraled its kind of disaster. But -- are they as it is we think they are I mean think about they've lost C. J. Wilson they've lost a nap going right and Hamilton -- still you know. And it Andrus Kinsler. Nelson Cruz but how good they are that they're really -- Adam LaRoche away from being back in the -- now you're right it's a good question. And maybe they cut or hit their peak and now start on the decline not to say that they're not panic and this year -- think they will play. The trade Michael Young right exactly like so they're ten you know start and down -- -- a team like Toronto. Is on the upswing. The Angels obviously you know we've seen with their youngest winner. He's came out of nowhere late last season and that division it's going to be just impossible for anybody other -- catch but it's cracked up to chance. To win that division next year. So yeah it's a fair point now again I think if you wrote to make that decision no guarantees them here to the nationals. Went World Series. If it came down to two years in DC. Or three years in Texas. It's tough choice I think in his mind because he understands this is maybe his last chance to sign a big contract that green is maybe it. And do you want to may be forced into retirement a year earlier. Just for this -- going to team that you think gives you -- better chance to win but there's no guarantee -- -- -- one of the point I want to make. About these other teams and the growth market. Because the nationals made him a qualifying offer shortly after the season which essentially guarantees that if he had a except that he would come back in about thirteen million dollars he declined it but what that means is that any other team that signs him. Has to give up their first round draft. And we've seen how big draft picks are these days especially for team like the Orioles who are trying to build long term. That is a deterrent to signing him and something that the nationals did I think in part knowing that that might help their chances of retaining. -- that that would seem -- almost to deal breaker for a team like the Orioles even though. How how good would he fit how well what I'll leave it -- him if he were perfect for the -- and let's move on to what the nationals have done on this offseason they signed their fifth starter and end up in the fourth starter Dayne and they got a center fielder who we kind of thought for a while there -- looking for. The nationals don't seem to have made any huge moves forward. But they have made some adjustments that let's say they're better defensively in the outfield -- but all right let's look at first base either in the -- -- Morse is going to be their weakness and not a huge difference there. So looking at what we think the roster will look like and the nationals gotten that much better. Or are they just a little bit well I think and I just wrote about this this morning. On that since utterances and Washington dot com. If you look at just the moves they've made who they've gain and who lost I think it's maybe slight. -- -- the parent I think is net positive. Over Edwin Jackson I think assuming he's going to be healthy and that he's going to be more consistent more dominant -- objects so that it -- rotation. I think the arts and it's an obvious need for them great defensively and that's that lead off spot they added one. Now is he better ultimately then Morse or -- the guy he's. Sort of replacing in the lineup. That's up for debate you know the total value that play because he's not -- hit for power. Producer but it's a different roles so it's hard I think the one about the same. The bullpen and we're gonna get in the -- later on I think is one area where maybe they have progressed some because. They lost Sean Burnett the Angels. Guns -- -- free agent congress on his free agent. They re signs active but that's a little -- so I think that is one area that needed to have regrets but in the long term. I think really and this is one reason why my prison and you need to make it big splash this. This winter is and I think the two guys that are going to make them better team next year. -- to that story on. But are now going to be on the team for a full season for the first time. Bryce Harper. Since the instructor -- -- harper will be up on day one since starring in the minors he's going to be your older you're better with talked about what differences between nineteen point. History of the game shows how those guys take off and points that's a huge addition of and haven't Strasburg down the stretch having him for a full season again some help. Is something they did not have last year until that more than any acquisitions that is what ultimately is gonna make them. Go into 2013 field they are better team and it's. -- that the more you look at their roster there's a lot of guys that could make even just subtle improvements based on age you're just joins Aaron maybe being able to go later in ball games this year. Just look at it may be worth current Zimmerman is healthier for a longer -- -- Espinosa there's a lot of hope that he takes off sort of the way he has been did. Ross -- why -- -- in the direction for a full season and with the confidence that he had finishing out here. Yet there's a lot of young guys still that I think still projected and you better. And that may be are few veteran guys that you think are on the downswing but there are more young guys propping them up then no matter what it did as far as acquisitions this winter. I feel like they would go into the season thinking they -- improved team. Absolutely. Well the nationals -- the only team in the NL -- to do something this year just about all of them have made me Germans. And the question is have have they gotten under these rivals of the nationals. We know the Marlins didn't get it unlocked -- not on the Mets certainly and I think the Mets didn't get better than they've set themselves up pretty well for 2014 your fifteenth but particularly looking at the Braves in the Phillies they had they saw a lot of guys go up the door and they saw a lot of guys come in yet what we start the Phillies. Acquiring Ben Revere was supposed to be the heir apparent that the cards and -- And then getting a guy -- John Lannan I -- it's an instinct is is the first kind of long time national you're gonna see in and then you have yet. It's almost -- against one of their rivals UC ran all the time he's going to face that. Bunch of times I only there's been a situation like this where nationals players been here long enough real Alaskan weird seeing guys. Levon Hernandez -- the only ones he's played so many teams have never rest and forget what I -- a right -- it at that has been fascinating to me both how Landon does in Philly neighbors had so much trouble but there lefties. Yeah. Tomlinson. And how he does against the nationals lineup and at the fact that they know him make a difference. Expect that he knows them make a difference and there's a lot there that's been passing and just the Phillies in general I find that because there was a point about July last year. Where you said. The runners over there and they are finished you know others hang on for dear life now but they may have to acknowledge it it's not gonna happen we need to start this thing over again. And then they got hot in the year and the importance of just to the brink of the race finished at five under. And I think that was enough to convince Ruben Amaro that hey we still have another run eight so rather than -- and down let's add to. So getting Michael Young. One of the best pure hitters out there I know it's not the same player mean it used to be but he still very viable. Big -- here adding that that line. Like I said -- and and -- year. Filling that spot in the outfield for them. With the Phillies always going to be enough health and can there veterans. Stay on the field. Utley and Howard and Rollins than in the pitcher's mound and -- They're going to be out groceries the first one I've gained some suspensions that there's a lot of moving parts of what. I still would not count those guys that didn't experience and tell -- they have if they can stay healthy I think that is a team that is gonna have to reckon with the subway. And the Braves made the biggest signing of all the fun overlooking somebody getting -- up and yet they also let Michael Bourn. Is that a is that a big -- for them and we think of them as well yet. It's taken one on one values if you look at those two actually think it's a little bit of a net loss for them because not the BJ Upton isn't very good player and can't be very good player. He still haven't quite realize what everybody thought he would be he's certainly gonna hit for more power. And Michael Bourn did but on that team Bornstein really fit -- as a lead off guy and defensively there's nobody better. In center field so losing him I think those cost them in some -- now. They weren't gonna give that same kind of contact to Michael Bourn who is older and clearly not going to be the same player five years from. They use that -- is BJ Upton is more chance. That was chipper Jones and can't discount that what are you what they were with them what they weren't I just watch what he meant to that team. Both when you actually get on the field but just emotionally in the clubhouse that's huge. -- death they'll so how they can do that. They're gonna have some guys come back from injury brings me to some point comes back from Tommy John next year they've got a whole lot of young talent. Jason Heyward. Freddie Freeman. Chris Madeleine. And out others but -- general Simmons -- -- -- -- a great bullpen and added to a halt with Walton from. The Angels. Simmons looks like he's going to be really good shortstop so. I still feel like the greater the number one challenger. The nationals next season I think -- at least held serve. Where they weren't in the last season and you could argue maybe. Ethnic the bottom of the NL east is definitely gotten worse yes Huff is but the top maybe you got a little bit better especially as you mentioned the Braves just getting one year old girl there. -- young pitchers and then that but I units in the bullpen of the -- is what we talk about. Open and nationals which may be the one thing that really needs the most work on moving forward before the season starts. That's obligatory questions in the first points from doc. Who asked about Sean Burnett's. Deal with the Angels. It's gonna make between eight million in thirteen and a quarter million next two or three years. Says doesn't seem like that was that -- was Mike Rizzo trying to save money or did you just not want Burnett and. Well I've I was surprised a lot it was surprise when that deal came out as to what is one of being I think a lot of us thought he would get three guaranteed years. -- some weren't worried me -- really didn't quite get that. And there's some incentives in there -- kick in on I would make -- third year become guaranteed he appears certain number of games and and you think maybe you do that. At the same time I think what this came down to was that in light on Burnett. But did they want to make that kind of commitment to any reliever it's always something for GMs some of them just are really hasn't. Make a long term commitment to reliever given up and down nature of that position Sean Burnett and very good pitcher for a long time now several years that bullpen. How much longer can you. There was a little bit question that is although he did have surgery after the season to remove bone chip from his elbow there's no reason I think you won't come back and perfectly fine but. First sign somewhere -- -- -- on him as a reliever so I think has risen scanned. The situation there felt like maybe there's another left after we get. It won't cost as much. And maybe a little. Less worrisome as far as how -- I think Rick Rizzo also has a pretty good track record in the few years he's been Sheehan finding relievers and legislative -- -- Garcia and my -- also feel like. If he thinks he can pride at the same value for someone maybe a little -- yet there's going to be somebody that we haven't mentioned at all. Maybe not even mentioned in spring training that's gonna end up having an impact on the team and the bullpen is a good bit from -- back. And yes second reader question is from the awful us who ask about LaRoche and of the effects of whether he doesn't return. When the -- be willing to take a chance on Tyler Moore at first base and still trade Michael Morse yeah. This is one of those questions as -- not because obviously there's room for. One or the other not both but -- thought Tyler -- in the picture. Would they actually trade -- now in advance. Risk not -- -- and then a couple of Tyler Moore first base. That is a little sliver of possibility I don't think so. If there was a great offer from worst that will wait maybe make that deal and take you chances. But while they do like Tyler Moore and think he's going to becoming -- force an everyday player in the big leagues. On a team that has aspirations of winning the World Series. This year I don't think they're gonna take that -- chance of putting unproven player in every game. Doesn't like they're in a position where they have to make decisions that there's it's as far as Modano right that right I mean why why would you if you don't have to cut right but I do think they want careful and not. If this works and drags on for long if somebody is making you gonna offer from -- do you -- hold off on that. Not knowing what you know and that offerman asked of them table in. January and February when -- excellent time dress up and and I do not believe that they want to go into the season with Morse on -- and -- As good as he would be I think they understand he's been in net that he is worth something. Very. In the third reader questions from FC nets fan staying on topic first base here. Has anyone from the nets actually discussed the possibility of moving -- and an effort and I know we've discussed yet. This is one of those things that has been kind of out there for a couple years now. Is that something that could happen someday. Well here's what can -- it there are people with an organization who have brought up that's possible. This isn't just something fabricated. You just pure speculation there are people in the organization that have considered it. And what the answer is though all along is yes it's something that we thought about that we may need to do someday down the road. Not any time -- I know yet as difficult as third base is here they really do believe it's all because of the shoulder. Got that fixed they wanted to come in next season. Pitchers throwing motions down fine. If that's fine he is as good at third base losers in baseball and they're not gonna move him away from that position for. I know -- and don't projects someday. Preacher and his natural position -- third base but. He's not here he's played I think 44 professional and he has an injury history and so they're not gonna jump to that conclusion just assume. That a year from now -- -- whenever it is that Rendell is your third baseman Zimmerman moved to first base I think what you're gonna see is. -- Tell them hey your third baseman go out there so you're healthy so -- gold Glover again at the same time and don't. Going on in the minors play third base your natural position every day. Once it gets to a point that you're close to big league ready now we make that decision either we -- and don't know the position remember it is with any Espinoza. Here's your shortstop throughout his minor league career and then about a month before camp for the big leagues is something moved to second base because they realize they have investment there means I'd spot. So there's every reason I think they could still move for an don't have a position or if it comes to that point and they realize. He's best at third base zone and throwing is still an issue we think long term needs -- first base. And the make them when it happens but we're talking down the road this isn't anything that is happening times. Which I think two year deal from -- room for -- would be perfect bridge and that's one big reason why terrorism doesn't want to commit that third year not. Specifically because of the possible exuberant but wanting to leave that door open. He gives LaRoche three years all -- positions on the field now. Are locked up for at least three years there's no flexibility and that's something that Rizzo cares a lot about it. It's not just about winning album maintaining those options you have on the road so that all ties. Now not to sound like a broken record it all and welcome back to that stuff I'm accurate that I've really wants that is what I'm worried we're all. Not fans are trying to little impatient about it but it's funny every quote I hear from Davey Johnson -- Last time he was like aren't about to take the pen to his house thing -- -- -- -- he's buying his all the meat that he gets from the right right and innocence act like that them. The Woolsey. Sounds like it is even know what's gonna happen it could be dragged on for awhile. But. It's that kind of the same situation whatever happens will roach the rest will -- place. But wolf we'll see we'll allow will be fallen as always on CSN Washington that since there dot com. I want to know in this. CSN Washington dot com.

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