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Mark Zuckerman on the Nats and Adam LaRoche



Csnwashington.com. Are a woman nationals have still not signed free agent first baseman Adam LaRoche and Adam LaRoche. Has yet to sign anywhere else during the winter meetings time was definitely on Mike -- side. But as -- -- insider mark Zuckerman tells us that Tyler timeline is definitely a little more pressing now. Nationals wanted to get Adam LaRoche is situation accomplished by Christmas. Whether that actually happens or not they'll still remains to be seen because of the -- is still holding out for a third year weather comes from the nationals were from another team. Texas is still in play for this especially after Josh Hamilton decided not to re sign. The Orioles do have some interest although that's a question of whether they would go to -- third year or not. Ultimately LaRoche is gonna have to decide is the nationals longstanding to your offer. Good enough for him gets in the best chance to win a World Series or does he wanna drag this thing on. See if somebody else is willing to offer a third year or even if he can convince nationals to add another year. He knows gonna play somewhere next hears if he doesn't feel lot of urgency. But Mike Rizzo and the nationals wanna get this thing done because this will have such an effect on some other moves they still need to make before spring training. CSN Washington dot com.



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