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Redskins Nation: RG3 is the icing on the Redskins' cake



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Thu, 20 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Wide -- prepared ourselves in the locker earlier this week tied for her weekly visit on Redskins nation Jennifer Williams. CSN Washington dot com. And I understand no social showed up this week.

Apparently the Eagles respectfully. Decline to meet just because you guys beat them the last time. Never -- a -- those children -- l.'s first on the gets the rest is it not. Lost one of these we're what does it has to HT TER yes correct and that Eagles were just going my pass -- Eagles that you think that they'd. Have an advantage with such a simple -- temple. Across the NBC regional sports networks we've been promoting high tech talk and -- Redskins talk has been crushing the competition. Hachette Patriots talk Bears talk and of course hash -- Eagles talked by 30%. So if you wanna join a combo just join in by using that -- at.

Very -- everybody's role the Redskins right now I understand you have had. So inquiries to the rescue what they might want for Christmas has an interest -- answers.

Yes you know we -- about how. Public Josh Morgan was last week but and I it asked aren't I commander and out for martz what they wanted for Christmas they said. I have everything I need Josh Morgan on the other hand -- I would ask Santa for the Redskins to keep. Winning and I also talked to Tom Compton you know rookie out of South Dakota I believe. And he says that you always ask Santa for some goofy gets -- Q is he gets he's gotten Alou to door that Mexican. Wrestling mask so maybe he needs a Burgundy and gold on height. It -- surprise me for a fan and it's evident than Atlanta and that that's what you like in his stocking this year they go to the -- week and we're in a cold day that. Great picture you wanna show us here rest -- cats it so I just you know just minding my business taking a strolled in but that's that. And I walked bite take despite Leslie and Leslie was nice not. About this particular case look at us cats that well both social and delicious I had tweet at this picture. And it prominent sports reporter Darren about reached waited it it was three -- it over and favored at over fifty times. Now I Leisle was nice not to talk to me about this -- six hours to make well it -- forty people although the media corps could probably go through two of them. And it's gonna run you about 450. Dollars so yeah I hope you work really good boy this year leery -- might just have this it might not under the tree that's it yeah.

Like look at that picture that beautiful okay and thank you so much happy holidays to the Eagles in actually -- pats fact happy how -- I. Up next at -- former Redskins. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Now we never. And over again have to listen to ESPN's resident idiot rob Parker's is racist nonsense about Robert Griffin the third. We've set the wide enough to do this year with the image because before work today I actually listen to some to children's. But it about the part of my hair and turning the Barry Manilow and make sure put me And no more stories about Tim Tebow getting a chance to play quarterback although I have to say it would be fun watching in the CF now. And eighteen feet below had to use as they and out hot you. That means do you play hockey because they like football and they're terrible what's would have to worry about someone from Wednesday's miss universe pageant running for office. Venezuela if you could create one law wouldn't be. For example up there are not I think that their way that I can take it that way that I wait for a result. These. Definitely I mean how are we supposed to have laws if we can't sort of and finally. No more LeBron James baby the last time I went off on Brohm Brian I death threats on Twitter for many fans but why would I care we're all gonna die anyway just a few hours. As rob Parker would say. That's quarter. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I'm an eternal optimist I just don't. However all of benefiting game and I just like us. Yeah players have said since before the those we will play we're trying to field during the final you'll play at any time. on and he has never removing yourself from the bargaining table we are ready to bargain. And just hasn't come away from the other side and I don't see I hope they know something that we don't because think Purdue's defenders down into the game I don't know. I don't. I don't see any positive. You know exactly what we're doing right now and I'm hopeful that a deal was there and get back on the because I think it's it's just killing. Them. If they don't Luke and and apparently they're not I mean at least they haven't moves since last week being honest. Can this ever get done if there's not movement on their part. I don't see a way around them. We have great leadership on our side and the more I talk to players and you know you talk to players all around guys are playing here desert back home. They're unified behind the leadership and players more connected time. Then. Not only with our union but with each other. There's there's contact. All on different teams. So I think everybody. And it's we've given a We wanted to get the game back on the ice at every home. And it's just we haven't felt like that's coming in this business. Yeah yeah we're trying our best trying to that's it is yeah everybody's losing. But we're not playing. And players are so passionate about this game I think hockey players are more passionate about hockey and players and years. There's really care about our guys really careful. It's system fortunately fielder Sort of passion it's. History. The people who are in power and to make decisions. Regarding in really Understand the business but. It's also it's also. Lot of people who else. As players. But depiction. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hello everybody a little holder with your Geico sports net central update. Robert Griffin the third for the second straight day was full go practice showing no signs of discomfort in that right me. So all sides seem to be pointed to return to the starting lineup after missing Sunday's game at Cleveland. Mike Shanahan with the latest. We'll address them in trees so a 100% I don't think anybody's a 100% including Robert after The LCL injury. But I like what I say and because they said before there is no setbacks he should be ready to go. And that will door from here in the Comcast sports net studios are blue holder for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Tell me I'm wrong B there will not be an NHL season. You know I believe that I think are their remember earlier this year hearing something about they wish they are willing to wait until next season. And the way things are looking in the way they're acting I think this whole season maybe gone and down affair. I think we of people who sit up here you love hockey he should be a person knowledgeable doll house arrest his life. This is a fourth term I think years. Yeah you can't tell me how great you you have four lockout in two years is ridiculous and that victory in the last seven. Something like that so is absolutely ridiculous think. We knew we talking about not seeing it play 2013. Today. If this season got next season. I don't think they're gonna play out there and it's it's amazing to me that this is the one sport of all the major sports. That has been locked out the most and can afford it. The least hockey and a lot of corners is considered a fringe sport and the NHL has no self awareness at all. They don't realize or maybe they do they don't care the damage that they're doing to the sport because just when they start to gain some momentum. They pull something like this who saw the picture that Evander Kane tweet last I just ridiculous holding stacks of money. Analyst for yes but before you know I'll have a pretty would know that I know you would. No I looks in Vegas see I have no idea. When you see this Eagles multi year mega contract when did this and and make your money rattled by only gonna make them make their money. You know when you look at the flag they had the mostly billion dollars that they were there loses here. It should not be a lock our right now in hockey for is you should show that you have. Some toughness and show them. You just like this anymore but it hurt their pockets CSN Washington dot com.