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3 and Out: (Part 2) Are the Eagles a trap?



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It's not about the Eagles it will have a list on clay back in it is safe to say guys they have constantly this. So I -- does it become a trap game to -- let's start at the.

Absolutely I mean it's always human nature to let down some guys played down to the level competition. Which you know if the Redskins need you know to be any more weary in the RE now -- do -- two weeks and it in the past here. The Eagles were able to go down to Tampa. And I think Tampa probably overlooked -- many losses and the Bucs lost at home. I mean that's a gain it is a game where the Redskins simply cannot afford to overlooked as are looking towards at cal was in my -- two days is gonna be there but they can't do. Yeah I I don't think he will do I see the.

trapped there. But you know -- this team has a mindset -- they haven't earned anything yet they have achieved none of their goals there in a position to do so. -- very hard for me to see him gone up to Philly yo fillies and they're there you know they've they've got that. RVs -- you know out in the parking lot there and they're ready to go Andy Reid's last home game. It's not going to be a very Fuller energized stadium. This is going to be is it going to be a neutral site itself is essentially self. Yeah I see the rest is doing at B yeah they do have to be aware of but I think they're very conscious of it.

And forget about the playoffs yesterday on coach Mike Shanahan and to DTL about the only goal is. You know Super Bowl -- so in terms of goals unless they meet reached that let you know first things -- Eagles always play. -- guys thanks so much for talking and I think he's so much for tuning in to keep whitlock at CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins country. --

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