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Fri, 21 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Now we never. And over again have to listen to ESPN's resident idiot rob Parker's -- is racist nonsense about Robert Griffin the third. We've set the wide enough to do this year with the image because before work today I actually listen to some to children's. But it about the part of my hair and turning the Barry Manilow and make sure put me -- And no more stories about Tim Tebow getting a chance to play quarterback although I have to say it would be fun watching in the CF now. And eighteen feet below had to use as they -- and out hot you. That means do you play hockey because they -- like football and they're terrible what's would have to worry about someone from Wednesday's miss universe pageant running for office. -- Venezuela if you could create one law wouldn't be.

For example -- up there are not I think that their -- way that I can take it that way that I wait for a result. These.

Definitely I mean how are we supposed to have laws if we can't sort of and finally. No more LeBron James baby -- the last time I went off on Brohm Brian I -- death threats on Twitter for many -- fans but why would I care we're all gonna die anyway just a few hours. As rob Parker would say. That's quarter. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Caps glad to be back at camp

    Sun, 13 Jan 2013

    Z in Washington dot com. After a 119. Days of lockout talk we finally heard the sounds of hockey. In front of a jam packed crowd account for the capitals returned the work and they were literally. Just happy to. Be here to take severe around the yet. And all the guys you tell you that's what they miss the most you know I love playing hockey but being in the dressing room with this group of guys and you have the and and I joking around it's so we grew up. This is the stuff you mr. Milosevic funeral and to see the guys this morning kind of joking around and you know let's let's. It's sounds pretty you know it's not manly isn't some silly you each other we get in lockers in the sense kind of manly men and manly way yes and evaluate says yeah you're on Terrell is happy to see each other gets it's not a lot of smiles today and He knows is it's it was a good day but good day because Adam Oates said along dad as he tries to instill a brand new system. Would the week before the opener. We performing on Everett trying your best and it's tough is a lot of information form. And you know trying to get ready for your season and play and learn at all and its. A lot for one day. during that time lineup. What's two months and what's not enough and it's not because you know practice it was very up tempo on federal was really crisp and especially if there's a camp that's great. So the grinds officially begun. After a long off season of labor disputes it's now back to labor of love. Don't want luckily it was no 11. The glow green when the donors and when the fans definitely didn't win I think at this point we wanna get back out on the ice you wanna. Creates excitement play hard for the. Stands one player who wasn't on the ice today it was who reportedly got hurt while playing overseas although let me ask George what the exact injury was. All he did was smile and say. Lower body injury. And we're back. For the capitals Garland CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. GEICO SportsNet Central Update: John Wall returns

    Sun, 13 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. A guy sports net central today. Everyone cold here with your Geico sports net central update he's bad. But he made a significant contribution off the bench bring up fourteen points with four assists and two rebounds to take a look on the women's this season with Al John Wall they rank. Only worse than points per game field goal percentage in just had of the Minnesota Timberwolves in three point percentage hopefully. Return to number two will be just like the doctor ordered. Seven like we got John Wall not in the starting lineup. That I mentioned but. Five minutes remaining in the first balls takes the court for the first time since April 26 in points and well late in the first. Transition game is fat wallet feel on the run Walt top of the back Bradley deal with a jammed. We've led by ten after the first for just the third time this season. Everyone's feeding off wall return today. Get it in the post break Martell for the dunk and one Webster with eighteen points on the night went down by one the wall just. One of the show draws attention drove it across the field who drained a three. Back from the seven time winding down on the far wall taking over. Hit the overdrive in the paint draw contact and watch Washington up 7350. after three we got to the fourth quarter more ball. the Dover fifth in the paint get the top two to go in the wind. Are up by eight just like that wall just taking the reins of this team goes baseline for the reverse lay up. Washington go up by ten and he is all fired up after that. Just look different on the court you gotta admit in transition gets tricky that's kind of back pass to Trevor read them for the job Wizards become the last team back. Back to back wins this season. They did not know defeat Atlanta 93 to 83 involved with. This gives fight for my team and trying to get back in shape and get back at much as possible because. Anyone have a sit back and having career shorts I was excited to have problems that would be enough Philip to be. I got and I just can take him inviting me in good shape there from a joke on me. is using the media as he's tired his in his first game of course is going through your food you keep attacking and so keep the fact. To live with. Stay with the image him before before. He was he's been looking forward to this. You know since the end of last year. This today. Not expected it was going to be January wells' foot. You know at the work that he put in this summer and and you know we've got to you know continues to to monitor. And taking. Take season. He's slow in this process to make sure. You know we're we're given John every opportunity to give back to it to level we've we think he's capable of getting And the Wizards are back in action tomorrow night when they have the Orlando Magic the action right on Comcast sports that we get things off at 630. On with the central. And battled it from here on the Comcast sports net if I'm Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Ross Detwiler pays a visit to Kettler

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    CSN Washington dot com. And maybe someone you did not expect to later worked out that pitcher roster wanna stop I say hello. He's in town for a friend's wedding Saint Louis native is a long time wingspan but. He started cheering for the caps in part because his friendship with Matt Hendricks two once participated in a USO tour. I couldn't imagine our sport out and he knows they're playing Because they love the game because they're that good so it's. Your held out and doing them. Knowing it's coming that the is coming days coming here there's so much anticipation and no because it's up. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. John Thompson happy with effort against St. John's

    Sat, 12 Jan 2013

    She gets in Washington dot com I like the way we played today. Business solo third that we are. Keep getting better adjust to you could keep people making that impatience that we're doing things to and of course. But I mean Terry's template in the world was pretty good she gets in Washington dot com.