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Is the Eagles game a trap game for the Redskins?



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Fri, 21 Dec 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Big -- every weekend wants -- risk is one of the Philadelphia risque as windy keep -- play a whole playoff hopes alive Philadelphia's look at the baseball. What -- -- out do you draw -- okay Coca. This is -- trap gain from watching this trip is always jet game when you are you winning for the first time a long while with youth. It is you gotta make sure to not you know watching Comcast sports net all day but putt reading your sports clips and they didn't want to guess what well but not look at it and how. I'm either going boom off you want to go we can get better. I did tiger they've been this way since the break they've got a great command of who they are they know they win together. -- that's why this is not a trap game. The fact that they've been in this mindset a one game at a time the fact that this team has won five games in a row to the fact that this team hadn't done a lot like you say it over a decade tour right now we have a new mindset I think Robert Griffin has this team -- we're a different mindset he's given all the guys a different level of confidence he's a spark plug. You know he has them excited he when he leaves up her cousin stepped in and he played very well last week he would dogs are Cleveland Browns will be a trap game it was. I think Philadelphia. They have to do is go out there put your foot on the neck and lift off the foot off the ground. She caught him off early to make sure it never -- and yet -- did -- -- about Robert in and a lot of veterans look at him and go hey as a rookie he was anointed. As captain. And all great managers recognize you don't necessarily have to beat here. In order for your influence to prevail and that's exactly what happened in Cleveland he doesn't play they just people rocket. And when you look at the fact that you have receivers that are blocking like their -- -- -- This is this months of this football team is not what it was in the past is something great or want you to get involved it tells what you think. Do you think is the trap game for Washington Redskins going up the Philadelphia -- is on Twitter go to FaceBook Brosius who wants to dot com. It -- -- clubs have met -- notre. She -- in Washington dot com.

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