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RG3: 'Everyone is stepping up and that's why we're winning...'



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Sun, 23 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody stepped up -- You know I was able to -- out there and you get guys still wide open thumb. Because they're in the rust or where it offers a -- on the block and you know I forgot all those tough yards run the ball so if -- at all accumulates and you know eventually gonna -- we did there in the third. Car feels good calm to know winning always -- all hill so. You know it is so good during the game feels good now and I it was just good to be back out there with the goes. -- I mean we won the game. Playing quarterback for the loss to Redskins self select myself up there. I'll -- answer whatever you know I felt like during the game. And no Sonics on the quarterback it's not abbreviated with the running quarterback. Before better. For whatever else and no one wants to say the common quarterback because only the team -- a -- to throw the ball a little sister Gaza and the ball -- offered and that's Rose alluded. This. Dunn were playing the best ball that we have all year at the right Tom we're Rolen then and we all know that it's it's it's been a change in our mindset for us since after the -- we can. I think everybody's just out and now we know we can win any kind of game we have to whether it's our -- going and more low scoring game. For got richer at the end so. Tom is just feels good to be in this position and then we've controlled our own destiny since we're three and six and we continue to control our destiny until next week. -- I mean you know it's army and just talked about it and as at some point I just got -- You know fastest all the ball that hard. You know load on my check down and I wanna get him as I said annihilated across the middle he had a corn on his back and a safety and in front of -- house trying to protect him with a pass that I threw to him and and give them a chance to make a play. You know tip balls get picked and at the end of the day I have the ball in my hands so I'm responsible for an ocean from. -- hard and you know he stepped up big come to know is he's been working his butt off all. All season you know wait for his chance and I got a chance to start and he played big for so he knows good to see him -- and just everybody on this team no matter who it is. Everybody's been stepping up when they have to make those plays and that's where one. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. This article on the quarterback it's not abbreviated with the running quarterback. Before better slow whatever else no one wants to say and become a quarterback because I leave the team. I'm a there's only ball a little sister Gaza and the ball off to offered an Astros there alluded. Certainly did what with the Redskins would have been. Unthinkable just six weeks ago sitting at three of six and already next season squarely in the face but after today's winning as the Eagles. They are now one victory away from clinching the NFC east with more our crew for Redskins post game. I thank very much well gutsy Robert to third back in the lineup for the Washington Redskins let's talk about the performance and how would the moves forward to. I well Dallas week the so this is different than when he the first on his first story in the Dallas week but sixteen of 24. Made a bad pass interception but your thoughts on what he showed coming back from the injury. There is mostly come back from injury can't run around as much he was absolutely right. Do you put a brace only restriction a little bit what he that the one to be effective he stand up. one battle who but slipped as he stormed vital point especially when we dropped into a consent animal. He will need to move around if he Dallas. Because but the Marcus where that pass rush they can bring the heat as well as anybody in the league and the thing is they'll see him on tape and his game health policy as he was very tender with me there were times when he ran and you looked quite. Slow there were times when you try to get around a quarter he didn't have the first to get there you know we wanted to repeat Cornet so Dallas walked past him and see if that knee is fully a 100% that makes them respect his speed once again. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Charley Casserly clearly impressed with RG3's decision making...

    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. And Charlie how much credit goes to what we breed assaults is long as the coaching staff in college Shanahan. He's devised really good game plans for both Robert and Kirk cousins this time around. Not many runs call just you know two carries four yards Robert the kind of protect a little bit. Well he did and rightly so at the first run of the game we could see was not a percent but I think you gotta give credit to RG three here he executed the offense. It's the thing that impressed me is decision making he went to the right place with the ball consistently so we didn't force things didn't make bad plays like nobody else make the place. But you know he wins this game no. How is really not knowing what to expect. He now Knowles when he goes in the Dallas. You're gonna see a different Harvard and we saw today that passer rating of 102 and one heck of a pass to Santana Moss that was absolutely. Picture perfect and so now Robert Griffin the third gets ready for really his first foray into what used to be a great robbery. Dallas week the NFC east up for grabs. But you csnwashington.com.

  3. The Redskins on their dream season as it unfolds...

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    CSN Washington dot com. It's fun and it's this dream season continues ironically against what was formerly known as the dream team to the skins. Have now won six straight regular season games for the first time since 1996. They finish at their first winning record on the road this season. Since the Super Bowl season in 1991. And it all leaves them one win away from a division title. But as usual nothing was easy. Not for an thing across and a lot of displeased with whom do you think nobody with a lot you know like of the nailed by and so you know home happy anyway and we are very fortunate to be on the other side of you know get the W. My heart we're and all time and knocked out of don't pass out. I'm just glad to see USC defense come away with it you know they'll go on Minnesota's games so. So stressful mean everyone wants to take the goes down the wire at the exceptional last week play now. It's like sixty minutes on got to play all them. And in those sixty minutes we saw very different Robert Griffin the third. Normally a threat running and passing. The rookie instead relied almost exclusively on are finishing his eight game this season for the quarterback rating about a hundred. I think that's what vessel makes him so special because he. He can be erratic there can be a pocket passer and that's that's hard to go and NF. But that just shows you can't put a lid on what you gonna you know game plan for him got a fluid out of the pocket you know your food bank and Robert Griffin don't know. Dentist it was a little bit of extra safety concerns concludes. So now after sixteen weeks and six straight wins we have a script straight out of Hollywood. Redskins Cowboys for the division title. a better script and has beaten childless. It's it's a close division stick Cox in 00 and referee didn't flag so I was going to get to countless man has been announced on my mind now register. Our game plan and then Aggies were right hands on the plane you know try to get a bit pick their brains who go into it you know so. This what is about to notice what is about to have some for the win the division. Not 105 years in this you know finally have some who played for at this point of the season is. He's very excited and so you best believe we will be it all on the next week. Has Barry Cofield told me during the Redskins post game live he expects the atmosphere to be electric times ten. Almost like taser dance is what he's expecting out there from the fans come Sunday possibly Sunday night that game gets blacks. They will have their hands full the Cowboys though Dez Bryant 224. Yards receiving two touchdowns today in the Cowboys lost. Hit the skins can win that game next week. First playoff since 2007 the first division title since 1999. It's going to be wild. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Darrel Young: 'Let's go get the Cowboys and win division'

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    CSN Washington dot com. went out there the game plan was good. Mean we just execute Lewis not all the time but we're supposed to and that's what. You know that they don't actually I won that how many. I'm not surprised that athlete and as a player. He's competitive he can throw a lot he could fill that with the best don't know when. He says is different from what we have been doing but that just shows he throws a town can't put a on what you gonna. game plan for and I got a fluid out of the pocket you know rounder from the Capps and Robert Griffin don't know. To register a little bit of exclusivity concerns influenced. Stressful many guys fighting heart attack man and those nights this is distressing member. they won't come out to win a second time I've been here that we've run like that mean for the Eagles I mean your Cowboys. On a Sunday night long like that two years ago so this is good to that's just come out a win and be on the other side of winning you know like. We always lost close games and this is just a little different in another situation. it'll be here come out there. There next opponent so like I was thinking about that stick Cox is 00 and So I was going to get to countless man has been an awesome amount right now sort of wanna take the division. This is different situation being I'm happy and excited unless you have to stick it. It's a lot different going home. During Christmas and on how can go one game that was played at university of this same token play jobs now put. It's just a little different different feel like I said earlier about 10% is a different taste and get on that run and start winning. I don't lose I have no problem crowd movement you know I just don't know but. It's it's a good feeling I mean these guys in the locker room I mean we do different things as a team I've never seen anything like this and because you want. But guys can close the guys consider themselves Brothers and you'll see one of us out. You know you reformists that was supposed to in the center there's guys that was about it and we don't pujols rumors that again you know it's it's different Alan. I don't know what it is what some some who has gone and his build and that's one coupon for. CSN Washington dot com.