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Bryan Kehl: 'I think we're going to go and make a run in the playoffs'



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Sun, 23 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. We have Brian -- -- linebacker here one I understand that he's from Brigham young Trevor -- moderates who I think he's the first player ever. The word out Scott on Redskins postgame live brought. Up -- yeah unit first let's talk about the gas guys and the general look at where that came from. You know I I was watching the movies Sherlock Holmes. And I saw him he had won and I told my wife was like I want to dress like that maybe I'll be likes her look so maybe you struggled off I don't know. I just to say while Trevor was talking that that's my god that's my guy talking to there is a little BYU thing together that allowed four weeks ago he came back to the Redskins. Get a great camp. They let you go you came back four weeks ago what a good time to come back and be a part of this run. Yank him on that also decide to come back here and perfect timing guys are just come together messing jelling. And I think we're gonna go make -- on the playoffs. We did today it seemed like your number was called a few times at least on special teams -- not just be back. But to be contributing -- got to feel realized yeah you know the other ends like -- -- there at my opinion the best as a tennis player in the NFL. So if your being hit the ball you feel pretty good because this this stuff you know he's. He's a monster resolve it is still some tackles away from him to feel good and the defense of itself today when the team started slow Robert. Didn't look sharp run up the bat but a couple big plays Terry -- the -- Ryan Kerrigan forced the fumble sort of change the flow of the game. Yeah you know I'll tip my hat to the Eagles that put a great game and that's expected to. They're having a tough year and that I was gonna give us a game and they fought for sixty minutes and so. Tip my hat to them but of course -- got our locker room was stuck together we played we played to the final whistle. And no we we did do it wasn't super pretty but we got it done. You talked about a couple times I've -- you use -- haven't had a winning season in a long time to be a part of this to be a part of that group which shaping up to be a special group. What does it mean to you let's is exciting you -- -- just things that football's a great sport. Played in college and they don't have playoffs and now and then if obviously they do that I've only been a playoffs one time. And plus just exciting because anything can happen. And sort of be around that excitement now again for all after all these years you know the last ten years of my playing football I've only had a one time -- rookie year. This is exciting and like -- I think we can make a run in and we got the guys got. Pieces in place it's it's it's going to be fun to watch well this is the Sherlock Holmes against -- that makes you Watson's idiotic question here. -- -- -- -- I think the only bright ticket elemental surprise there Watson. Will kick rocket mascot like that side I think about where NASCAR now going forward started fashion trend. You're -- a unique position because you let this team early and that you came back. Had re inserted into that locker room describe what you found their from a standpoint. Attitude and momentum and perspective. I ask a question to be honest with you. I was in -- city for a long time and then came back here and I I says the immediate change who I walked in that locker room. And it's same thing that I felt in camp there is just confidence guys walking around. And and I saw the my first game back -- against the Giants Monday night huge game. And deal we got down and and the thing that was awesome is is we're just confident we're gonna pull it out we did today did against Baltimore. And that we have that it it is -- tangible thing this confidence that we can carry that into the playoffs. It's going to be great man. By -- chick here and I must informative and Dallas Cowboys have lost to Norman saves in overtime 3431. -- Sunday night. As for the NFC east division. That's exciting I can't wait I hope they flexes the prime time. And let's go out there and beat America's team in front of America and just in the playoffs going to be excited. And it certainly is and thanks for making him a late games and our also old guys have to try to get to sleep -- that big until this all right whatever not -- -- -- I really don't know those away about. Right -- thanks for Roger rocket the ask god and rocket the Philippine Eagles whose unit against Dallas Cowboys. CSN Washington dot com.

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