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Sun, 23 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. But in -- just make this you know -- You know be in this situation before you know practice and this new rule presence Islanders and all of them. Yet. It because I'm being hit that and it allows us Evan exploited. I knew you know I'm -- notices -- wants you know to now so you know. Is -- some time it. It comes up and try to make sure that you you don't do the best about in zone -- don't get there. I mean it's one of those things like you know you never know where yet to this day. You know -- drag him of people don't know now. Not care ball and that's all you can pretty much it would mean once you see it done and seated together. You accomplish which Cubs news. If you agree three days extra. Media. You know -- six Gooden to -- can't say much about it you know it is keep fighting and that was the Alamo. And you know I'd go through this and it's often goes so night and day to meet you accomplish that and I am a.

Since then what is new though isn't it better place division title and chillier and that's. You've been very level headed and even keel throughout the -- is their sense of excitement -- mean you know just this hasn't happened for me.

It is but in the daylight -- that hateful man you know what you know have you know for now and to to not really have what you want so. You don't Collison -- and and we accomplished what it's on the cubs' obvious that it -- out right now and with the job that so. Every week mind you don't know what it is and be focused and try to mention we thing that -- when -- Super. You'll see them when we get there right now it's obvious who I'm trying to do a lesson and every town we plug and play them -- people and stuff that's not you know right now is all about next week so. Certainly accomplished that and I have some -- but -- we got so until that time. You know in the bottoms -- the hat. Oh yeah mom doesn't know what's what's that guy went 001 thing we want you know is trying to get focused on this week I mean we've -- enjoy this and you know. You know it was and they'll buy -- and late night in the days and tell you had to win those kind and I'm glad that we were fortunate to win that kind of game you know but -- and it is happening you know every week we know that we got to clean it up for what they'll send him about it and so you know you can see is going pretty. -- It has been planned well assistant but you know since the -- defense has really been. In that England's sadness -- may have known as squad you know do things that we can do offensively I think all year we've been having the same kind of sway things can. You know the momentum in the field but the defense been put a stop -- than a -- squad there a couple of not ran out of thing across in this -- was moment do you. Nobody with a lot you know like us they have no -- in -- happy game and we are very fortunate to be that and of CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Notably young again which none of us are Robert Griffin the not that young the youngest youngest shot out so nice technicality from B Mitch the Robert Griffin the third about the rookie of the year Robert Griffin the third Andrew Luck is or somebody else a port Charles Cassel. What to do you got you gotta throw other people anyway you know the guy I would not talk about. The certainly isn't talked about outside this is Morse. He's basically a hundred yards away from the all time rushing record a Washington Redskins now that that that's a heck of an accomplishment there to be able to get that. And his misses the point now you're. Because he has every week what I given that we should all these just guys out of course responsible for a his successor soccer. I dissect what I mean the guys steady he's consistent he's into he forces the defense to adjust to him it opens up everything else so. He's not gonna win it but he's yet we had that discussion of guys the way back isn't shortly after his mind Trevor. Like you make a case for Robert Griffin the third part of the thing for part of the reason is that he changes the way defenses play. They got to respect getting around the court they've got to respect his. His moves trembling out of the pocket and making plays with his legs that changes the way the pass rush the passer. It makes them stay wider longer in the running game became. Gap discipline before they break away and run under the ball which makes it easier throw for more so it makes it easier for the of once he could make the case. For RG three CSN Washington dot com.

  2. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Michael Jenkins

    Mon, 24 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. I and everyone think it's ever CSN Washington dot com of the Redskins beat the Cowboys they win the NFC east and will host a wild card game however. They can still a wildcard berth with a loss if the Bears and Vikings both lose earlier in the day Bears was the Lions while the bikes host the Packers. Those skins and boys on set and I footballs to match up both teams have been waiting for all season. We've been working for this opportunity to you know win the division. Anytime you win the division everybody yeah you know home field games in the playoffs and we talked about a month there from day one and they knew we had to do to get there and following an accomplished anything yet we've got to win the division obviously got to get it done next week. They're playing good football right now and it is hot right now and so B you know we noted Def try to get him the ball. Amare to register our game plan and then I give Ryan has on the plane is you know try to get a bit pick their brains figure. Who go into it you know so. This what is about notice what is about to have some play for the win the division. Now they have won five years so you know finally have some who played for at this point of the season this is very excited and so you best believe we will be laying it all on the line next week. I can't drop a better script and has beaten childless. So it's a close division the strippers it was open and right now also is so replaced him in and all the fans are excited. Islamic center for over an enormous resources does a lot of producers of games I think and it was a great idea so And I'm excited I'm excited than ever wanted to talk homes. Not a wrap it up from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael tickets for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central update. Everyone cold on the Comcast sports that serious with your Geico sports net central update. The Redskins are one win away from clinching the NFC east after a thrilling 2720 victory over the Eagles Robertson from the car return. Action with a 198 passing yards and two touchdowns. Kasper is neither rookie signal caller says everything is OK okay. Feels good. Winning always cheers all so. You know it is so good during the game feels good now and I it was just good to be back out there with the guys that. We won the game. You know us playing quarterback risk in self select myself out there. And that's it for your Geico sports net central update on the for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Trevor Matich: Dallas will test RG3 and his knee

    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. This article on the quarterback it's not abbreviated with the running quarterback. Before better slow whatever else no one wants to say and become a quarterback because I leave the team. I'm a there's only ball a little sister Gaza and the ball off to offered an Astros there alluded. Certainly did what with the Redskins would have been. Unthinkable just six weeks ago sitting at three of six and already next season squarely in the face but after today's winning as the Eagles. They are now one victory away from clinching the NFC east with more our crew for Redskins post game. I thank very much well gutsy Robert to third back in the lineup for the Washington Redskins let's talk about the performance and how would the moves forward to. I well Dallas week the so this is different than when he the first on his first story in the Dallas week but sixteen of 24. Made a bad pass interception but your thoughts on what he showed coming back from the injury. There is mostly come back from injury can't run around as much he was absolutely right. Do you put a brace only restriction a little bit what he that the one to be effective he stand up. one battle who but slipped as he stormed vital point especially when we dropped into a consent animal. He will need to move around if he Dallas. Because but the Marcus where that pass rush they can bring the heat as well as anybody in the league and the thing is they'll see him on tape and his game health policy as he was very tender with me there were times when he ran and you looked quite. Slow there were times when you try to get around a quarter he didn't have the first to get there you know we wanted to repeat Cornet so Dallas walked past him and see if that knee is fully a 100% that makes them respect his speed once again. CSN Washington dot com.