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Do Alfred Morris or RG3 deserve to win rookie of the year?



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Mon, 24 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Notably young again which none of us are Robert Griffin the not that young -- the youngest youngest shot out -- so nice technicality from B Mitch the Robert Griffin the third -- about the rookie of the year Robert Griffin the third Andrew Luck is or somebody else a port Charles Cassel.

What to do you got you gotta throw other people anyway you know the guy I would not talk about. The certainly isn't talked about outside this is -- Morse. He's basically a hundred yards away from the all time rushing record a Washington Redskins now that that that's a heck of an accomplishment there to be able to get that. And his -- misses the point now you're. Because he has -- every week what I given that we should all these just guys out of course responsible for a -- his successor soccer. I dissect what -- I mean the guys steady he's consistent he's into -- he forces the defense to adjust to him it opens up everything else so. He's not gonna win it but he's yet we had that discussion of guys the way back isn't shortly after his mind Trevor.

Like you make a case for Robert Griffin the third part of the thing for part of the reason is that he changes the way defenses play. They got to respect -- getting around the court they've got to respect his. His moves trembling out of the pocket and making plays with his legs that changes the way the pass -- rush the passer. It makes them stay wider longer in the running game became. Gap discipline before they break away and run under the ball which makes it easier throw for more so it makes it easier for the -- of once he could make the case. For RG three CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Well to be honest to it and I think at the end of the day everybody. Is compared to your winning championships if you like or not is it fair all the time probably not. But I going to be judged terrain will be. Are you playing those games. They define they define you sometimes. And like her. People won't go back on the championships. Do you do you think that's fair. I think Q. I don't know if it's fair you know sometimes it is and have the supporting and can be a great quarterback and as they just don't have a team they put together but it really doesn't matter what people look at you know the great quarterbacks practice of Wimbledon championships. I know. When I was job. And he did everything he possibly could that was one championship. worked extremely hard is it to the end of his career. Mean news that it can be defying you know those games. I like political here you're going to finally winning or losing. And in day. You're going to be compared to the greats. You have to win some games we understand that. How Robert I'd love the way Robert and substantive manner than himself like a rookie. He handled himself like a veteran prepares way he works for the intangibles. Home or football is you know that's all the things that you look for. And a quarterback and handles things and I'm sure he's excited to be you know in this situation right now looking for this opportunity play. You know excellent football team. We all. Form like this rivalry goes and at this late coaching game initially planning for these type of opportunity CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I'd been on and you can't play down those kind of things and I'm always said you know my whole. Football career. You don't play for awards. Those discount you know. You don't say that you're gonna when Osmond you know you know city and MVP. You go on you've proven on the field. And if want those that way than the media award so. It it certainly would be an honor. Especially as a rookie but like you said team's success comes first so I don't play for awards. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Your Arsenal. You know. Alexander is name is critical. It's. There's been awesome you know on the road a lot of people send them you know when he's in the game he's a difference maker force them you know you have. All the way off plan you know myself and you know all these guys. Plan the way that they are you know this plan you know playing fearless and Lapierre brings that attitude to the receiving corps. Mom so you know all those guys are playing really well and he just tops it off gives us better. Depth at receiver and he's our guy and when he's out there we can move the other receivers Ronald Moore. So it's it's good to have him out there and then at your point about the the past six weeks being exactly like this week and that does benefit us and I would never looked at a game like are we can lose. And I will be okay and knock look at this game like that we want to control our own destiny and it's our job to do. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Robert I don't think we got a chance to ask you about the wardrobe fine. That 101000 dollars for four with a it higher. Any reactions I think it was a bit much. Well I think it's safe to say feel. We'll see see where that goes. And I understand the it's the principle of that and our respect. That's why I'm really warned them much to do this and all for strikes but. It's so that. Could. CSN Washington dot com.