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Meet Navy's Keegan Wetzel: Linebacker with a 3.89 GPA



She is in Washington dot com. The navy midshipmen are not only serving -- country yesterday they also served 4000 homeless in San Francisco. The football team volunteered at Saint Anthony is dining room on Christmas morning. Part of the preparations for the Kraft fight hunger bowl in -- will play on Saturday against Arizona State now this'll be the final game of senior linebacker. -- Michael's career. He will be moving on those naval assignment on nuclear submarines. -- -- a perfect 16100 on his SATs that they converted eighteen T score. To reflect that perfect score feel the three point 89 GPA. Only because he got an 89% chemistry otherwise it would have been 40 by the way Wetzel who is the team's defensive leader said. Football smarts though is a different ball game. Well. Sounds but does the disputed -- it simple stupid. Another few assignments and go with it those guys -- react fast they're gonna put about so well you just I think. Before -- plus doubles that nothing anymore. You know to do it and done it and I admitted they're great I have to ask you now by -- assignment coming out some -- and nuclear -- I mean. What does that what does that entail for him. Must join the community there -- -- Marine Corps. I was signed to the osu and that they're really -- decided it there's only you know. Little. The resume to be themselves and I really like the community because of the camaraderie but also the quality of routes and we were -- other really really bright. CSN Washington dot com.



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