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Is this the biggest Redskins-Cowboys game at FedEx Field?



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Is the Dallas Cowboys. It's the last game of the season it's 820 game now all hype is going to be going on around NFL are about this game. And I think of the wrist is to win honest there wasn't a game and it was big not think the elections and that's can be around that stadium to have. Atmosphere. It just makes -- just feel like a little better but since. You win it in the -- kind of.

And I don't get all I don't know. You know and in the -- desert. And you look over and you see is water is exactly what route water. -- played a significant. They get the big twelve game but wouldn't it and it dropped. So I think the overwhelming. Need to say this is Billy Bob -- you. Does this is being. Obviously you've traveled the country doing your thing though the look that bad to sit here and look and watch -- evaluate this on a regular bases. This is big this is not real big super. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Swelling day to me is is guy when you look at all the guys that. Prepare. And guys that play at the highest level the only way to play at this level consistently. A look at him and agreed the same way you know they knew what was coming before K so the preparation. Was just off the charts. And that's what I think he's got so much respect players and coach uses. All parties prepared to always know it was going and it play at that level. Of Sicily for years. Yeah I mean it. Had the chance for the economy to be habits. You know early in the year. When it looked like his season was going to be done not I personally felt. For the guy and then for the fact that I get a chance to against them. Still possibility that and future it you know for him say I think there's lots of people today. You know to me it's this. But he he played the game the right way you know even though he had overcome some adversity early in his career. He showed as the kind of to play well I you have to prepare. And this is just come from me as an outsider because I didn't really get a chance to meet him or be around them so you know that for everybody. To see him go. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. You know and a lot of people talk about the world with a brace but any time you're bracelet that it's to protect you so it's gonna cause a natural if you knock them in the normally. Are structured. Your reflection. And you extensions so just to protect protect the ligaments and then. So little bit metro let them there but at the same tonic episodes and are so. When we see that type a And I guess you know as Mike talks about how it takes time for the ligament to heal. How much of it or how much you affected now by the new in the itself and how much he just affected by the fact the numbers are in pretty close to just be in most of the brace. But. You know doctors are taken off I don't believe players knocking on the taken off. So I try to do as much like you know about the brace. And then whenever they found out that I don't have all faith. In you mean. until next season there taken off you where the rest of the season think. I don't know amendment my leg I can feel it feelings. I mean I'm going to be I'm not where the this week. I'm surely passes chicken as right now. You know we'll see what happens there is no rest of the season right now is Jeff Garcia. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. me in me and Russell wouldn't train the other Bertrand with them. Down and in Florida on trade in Arizona but to get to meet him a couple times and talk You know Africa. But. You know like buy into I don't play against quarterbacks it's not my job compares you guys would do that for the next week. And a BS have fun and a now market to try to. you know just determined. You know on those whole story. As far as gone to college and minutes Tuesday to go to Wisconsin. You know and me and analyze dueled it out for. One of the records. Which one was we were doing now for that. just good to see him being so successful. About the same time you know one on defense about certain. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. What do you think sort of prepared you to be this ready this quickly. Sobbing wife life experiences did. I think that day comes down the guys around you and the coaches. And the one thing our coaches did is no they didn't maybe they weren't gonna make it baby steps they threw everything at me. And maybe learn on the fly there really are on the line and OTA's and training camp. And it's paid off so. You know I just think if you have a mindset that hey it's gonna take me here. And it's hard going to be successful and I don't have that mindset the coaches didn't have that mindset and and you can't when he got guys like London Fletcher. I don't think he's gonna retire anytime but you know that's always a possibility he's played for a long time you wanna be successful for those guys. CSN Washington dot com.