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Is there any hope for Wizards fans?



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|



She -- in Washington dot com. I wrecked the Wizards are getting the point where they're becoming a national story for all the wrong reasons. Is there anything Wizards fans can feel good about is there any sort of positive thing. That they can latch on him here as the Wizards move forward and trying to win some basketball games.

that were really grasping our -- at this point.

May mean that John Wall went through. The players. Drills today in practice.

And had no setbacks he has not scrimmage with the team yet but they're still an expectation that we will see him. In the next couple of weeks there's no set timetable but if there are no setbacks.

You should see John Wall by the end of January beyond that they've had twelve games or they played. And basically -- in the game until the final two minutes they do not have that closer right now.

That has been the greatest issue if you're looking for moral victories it's the fact that they have been able to be compare. For 46. Out of 48 minutes no it's not much but it's the best I can do for you right now.

Let's go around the league real quick Avery Johnson is the NBA coach of the month in October and November. Now he's out of a job in December seems a bit of a reactionary move to Brooklyn this surprise you.

Act all. It does not considering how much stead our new Russian owner -- pro Graf has invested. In this team and the fact that the expectations are high and don't underestimate the impact. Of the New York Knicks rolling as they have broker off -- very much in competition with them. He has invested a ton of money. And he did not see this team headed in the right direction when you throw in your point guard Deron Williams questioning the play calling. That's enough at this point for pro -- the pull the trigger and say I wanna go on a different direction. Gonna last.

Actually -- let you go we're getting ready to ring in 2013 what player that we need to keep an eye on. And what team can make a run for the NBA title.

I'm gonna go number one with the Los Angeles Lakers now. I don't know I think you make a run for the title but with Steve Nash back. They are clearly going to be a different team they've demonstrated that are ready are they -- title contender I wasn't sure they -- that. Even before Steve nets got hurt but the impact that he's having. On that team. Clearly is making a huge difference you see why. He has worked so well and Mike. The other guy I'd keep a close look on and again we're going back to Oklahoma City is Russ Westbrook he is the guy who needs to step up. And prove that losing James Harden in the deal to Houston. Is not going to be counterproductive. For the thunders playoff and title hopes. NBA analyst Rick -- thanks so much for your time CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. There is to zero Crawford in whiz kids. In Utah on things can you tell us into the the guys suffering from dead legs optimists We'll get out there who are about them. There in the second ever Booker moments later Crawford's 32 strong Washington shoots one not what exit from the field the first half. Knows that problems for the Jets on the break Gordon Hayward who I'll look at that dad. Slowed but effective. at fourteen to break in the third Al Jefferson. Knocked down in the mid range game topics have been through the to lead DC dig down deep sparked by their leader John Wall about. That crossover That is at the rim and into the third. In the fourth Trevor always hits a triple capping a 22 wind and the lead is certainly down the three. The Jazz do not go away and Jamaal Tinsley. Great dribble drive through the legs of Kevin Seraphin he can't finish with Paul Millsap there for the putback. Back from Washington. On the run it. Bradley field gets the pass from wall and dunks one at eight assists on the night for walk under thirty seconds flat the Wizards fourth needing a stop him. It is Millsap and we have the back breaker and the Wizards fall of 9288. Moments ago that there. CSN Washington dot com.