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Theismann impressed by RG3 on and off the field



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

She gets in Washington dot com. I think Robert Griffin the third as one of the most phenomenal young men I've ever had the pleasure of being around. I got I've gotten to known very very well. How we communicate a fair amount I don't coach him. That's for the guys out there with Mike and his guys I just we just talk a little bit I enjoy his conversation he's articulate he's bright he's thoughtful. He takes his profession very seriously and I really believe that the whole Heisman Trophy and run. Really got him ready. For the questions and the press conferences in the media and everything that has to do with success in the national football. He was ready in every regard and this city had to have him. No offense to Andrew Luck but this city because because there was so much talk about Andruw go and Indianapolis. Everybody here got themselves ready for Robert. This is this was going to be Robert city this was going to be the god it was gonna lead as he was going to be the difference maker and you know why hasn't disappointed. She gets in Washington dot com.

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