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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|



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But the third down this year the Redskins now face a team that's already seen their offense so far the second time around has worked out well for the skins to enough. In illegal adjustments defense is don't seem to be changed their approach in the --

They do set it just you know all right the last you know -- What options so they definitely a key in on the back taking a back out and leaving that to Robin and it like it is now whatever has tons of -- and -- it didn't make adjustments to different knows it was saying some of them we have. Highway there's always feel.

You never know go and it took its always different how guys are gonna play. Someone like Robert you know than than other quarterbacks I've had my past have something drawn up and going to be of the perfect stop you know stopper for a play that we haven't. -- not going to be that way every Tom. He's got to make sure you get them when they get you.

We'll see Sunday at dallas' defense changes its approach their offense likely won't change a thing. The Cowboys rolled up 22 half points on Thanksgiving. During a rout into a nail biter. With Tony Romo and Dez Bryant connection clicking at a ridiculous level 43 catches over 700 yards nine touchdowns. It's been November.

Musically and make even you know enough football game you made plays -- You know what is good about him he knows that about yourself -- himself out -- the game minutes telling com use keep playing keep playing keep frightened. You know made us and give me advice I -- got to see them do.

We've got we know you can't be totally assistant initially assassination and it presents -- career over the past masters so. They have a quick strike ability and they can come back from the deficit so he doesn't believe it -- not enough. -- amount of luster believe that if we do we know we had a rough and on the gas has ever really have time to nationals.

And then there's all the talk about Tony Romo coming up small in big games well in a regular season finale since the year 2000. The Cowboys are two and ten it is the worst weeks seventeen record in the NFL during that span. It expert chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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