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Shanahan Exclusive: RG3 has the complete package



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Fri, 28 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. It overlooked a little bit how much of a student of the game me is because in that zone read where he has to make the right decision it seems like. 99 option at times he's made that right decision. -- you been doing a jewelry for a few years so he's pretty good at that zone read. I think the thing that's been exceptions exceptional ball -- it is always handle everything. You know you come and is a young guy right out of college and everybody talks about what it takes me quarterback the National Football League he's actually gone out there. And he's did Perry's done and I'm very very difficult situation. And he's handled it with a lot of poise and just seem like he gets better bettors here it was a everyone always said for so long. That this type of offense. Wouldn't work in the NFL because the speed and defense is so fast why's it working now as compared to the conventional thought this past. So I can mention that I just knowing that. The first thing you have to be able to do -- football and he's able to do that he's got an arm strength to make every throw. We've got to play action game goes off or any game which we've got to stop at an additional that we. Produce in the zone read -- that really put some pressure on the defense so. He's got the complete package she doesn't have to do is a zone read. But it's just one of those things. Did you run and -- teamed up prepared for you can make it look pretty self. After the game and in Dallas and Thanksgiving Day Rob Ryan said -- that we just didn't have enough time to prepare for RG injury you anticipate seeing. Anything substantially different from dallas' defense in this game I think everybody is a game plan coming in. Rob does a great job -- game plan together and you know. Actually -- to go there so they'll be a challenge for us to you know going against them. His game goes on yourself to make adjustments. And this kind of report match. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Wall is feeling good and ready to make season debut

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    CSN Washington dot com. It's never having played so long so going to be anxious and she decides to fight inside fight that you said. played so well I don't. A society my teammates and just have starting pitchers say that you made that I won the confessed. Quickly that boom like. He's best I'm excited and season too general and error. hope to be to me what And the that'll help he wouldn't be rules beaver agency decision coach there's tonight tomorrow. I think oh at best practices when hard for the last few days suffered. He's got a temper a little bit you know who's going to be going under now. He's gonna wanna try to probably having known John. And that's saying it you know. He's got a temper. That but it. You know going to play the way he plays. Model one. Pull back on any of that that you know it's it's a good programs. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Should RGIII change his style when he gets back on the field?

    Fri, 11 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. It's a dangerous position and guys can get hurt so I guess the thought is yes it would be great if RG three get down slide protect himself a little bit. But one way or another at some point it seems like somebody's get banged up so maybe want to go up there just play a little while You look at you look at the fact that he puts himself in some danger and I'm out there and his thought process on playing the game but. Once you're injured you have to realize you're injured and leave the game Fred Hawkins and probably. One of the guys is most known and best known for being touchdowns called him afterward he say. I didn't take a lot of hits. Roger Staubach didn't take a lot we have put ourselves in those position Robert is in trouble because he thinks he can do. He always thinks can do anything affect and he didn't think right that you can do it at this level the process arms and his change his mindset is that we you're hurt. Get off the field just that you didn't get doesn't mean you gonna do it against the Cleveland Browns this is that anybody else this late. You do would win that are very very good Democrat. Ended union won't it take a look at each of us said the other night at the line injured line in a jungle. All of a sudden they'll see executing anymore it's CU as the And I don't disagree with you when you get down and play a little safer place would approve his chance they would have taken it would reduce the risk factor a little bit just a mindset doesn't change that mindset. Don't think you have to do it all. Get down and let's might have you play the next play. All right CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Bucher: Wall's return should bring excitement, infuse energy into Wizards

    Thu, 10 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. NBA insider Rick have you heard Rick would waiting all year and it looks like John Wall will make his season debut on Saturday what we expect and does play. We can expect at least a limited minutes the had. Excitement and the energy and the closer that the Wizards had been hoping for all season. the big question is this going to be conditioning and endurance. How long can he go in stretches. And how much of Cink is he going to be with his teammates won once he gets to game speed. Talk about teammates last week we talked about Bradley feels developmental for how well John return would benefit him. Well it's gonna be tremendous because there's been so much focus on on Bradley and it's gonna do two things one. John is great at pushing the tempo and finding guys in the open court particularly. In transition situations Bradley is going to get some easy looks and then despite John's ability to penetrate. Teams are gonna have to sagging and defensively those are things that by and large just have not been have been happening that the shots that feel has been getting. And then maturation process that he's had to go through is largely because he's got to create his own opportunities. I would expect that Bradley feel is really going to rise with the return of John. All. I'd give me a seat on your private jet let's move around the NBA. Now what are you hearing about Sacramento's move. To see so what's the latest. From what I'm hearing to this point look you have two sides that are extremely motivated. Them loops the current owners of the Sacramento Kings. The basic siphoned off every accept that they've had and the is the last piece and if they get the right price. And from what we're hearing out of Seattle. 500 million dollars would certainly be the right price this appears to be a situation where everybody is motivated from what I've heard perhaps the most important piece. Is that commissioner David Stern on his list of things to do before he leaves office in 2014. Is to get a team back in Seattle this seems that to be the perfect situation to make that happen. Pride and finally we knew the Knicks and Celtics was a robbery but I believe Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Burnett took it to the next level. Guy Anthony suspended for one game for what I guess waiting outside the locker room what you hear about possible ramifications for the future of this. Those two guys are at a crossroads. And they've created a conflict that I'm sure it's not gonna go away. It's he also has a habit whispering things and guys years to get them off their game what ever you think that might be. He certainly does not know any boundaries no offense to what Doc Rivers suggest so. The fact that you might of gotten Carmelo Anthony a little riled up beyond what he already was it's hardly a surprise. Csnwashington.com.

  4. Doc: RGIII's eight-month recovery time line is doable

    Thu, 10 Jan 2013

    Joining us now from Houston is doctor mark addicts who not only was an offensive lineman for the Redskins on the night he won Super Bowl champion team. He's also the orthopedic surgeon who performed the first surgery on Robert Griffin the third back in owed 9 o'clock got X thanks for joining us this town is upside down right now we're about. Their quarterback. You've seen the recovery process countless times considering this is the second major surgery. What's the reasonable expectation for him. Well I mean the slowest thing to recover from his this ACL in the also. You have to keep in mind that he had the graft taken from his good leg which is gonna slow the initial recovery down because he really does have a good leg to stand on until he starts to recover. But honestly I think an eight month timetable is very very realistic and I mean Robert is an absolute animal he was back on the field for months after his initial. ACL a week we literally spent all of our time trying to slow him down. And he's a Smart guy is a courageous guy is a tough guy obviously but he also is an amazing athlete and Yzerman has been incredibly strong legs so. You know I I would not be surprised if he was back on the field for the the you know the regular season opener that you are described how he was in the recovery process how. Should the Redskins deal with him and his rehab. Well I mean if if I'm the one in charge of putting him back on the field I would be sure that he was a 100% before he went back. And if he's a 100% ready to go and he has a few practices under his belt and he can play in that regular season opener great. If he has some setbacks or is having some pain or whatever it might be. Then I would slowing down I mean it is you know it. The bottom line is the kid is they've shown what he can do making the Pro Bowl as a rookie having the highest passer rating as a rookie and so. If fiesta missed the entire season if missed the entire season. I don't see that happening though I really don't I don't think that is going to be you know twelve month thirteen month thing I think he's going to be ready to go and a so he's had now a second major surgery on the though so. I'm review percentage or not but the percentage of this happening again for heaven's I mean when you have a mean it's been injured. It it's certainly every time I've got a bunch of surgeries both on my shoulders and in my knees. You're never the same. But the point is and you do the things that you used to do. And I injured my knee and in college torn ACL and MCL and then my second game as a pro I actually dislocated my knee tearing every single ligament in my knee. And I came back and played nine years there after so. You know it is something that can be done I'm not the kind athlete that that that Robert Griffin is that I can't run like he can run and cut like he can cut but that being said. I would expect him to come back and still be able to be. The the kind of quarterback that he was this season be able to run the ball when he needs to obviously I want him to slide and go out of bounds as much as possible but. But that being said I would expect him to be just as dynamic as he was this season both running the ball and throwing the ball. And perhaps bring you more than Washington Nationals to teach him to slide up by the way deal year's Super Bowl ring during surgery. would terribly gloves I don't where I where bruins' side but mark addicts we really appreciate time thank you very much. You bet a pleasure. CSN Washington dot com.