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VT squeaks by Rutgers in OT


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CSN Washington dot com. Missing you know we always rally brought together and -- I think that was a big plus for us tonight. And then don't be noted that we've put off for so long you noted but the third sequence and avoided you know we came out with a victory but all like.

Tell you what he did so proud we have quite -- figure -- how long were sixteen minutes but enough. Can't say enough about you know are we had some short field we hung in there. You know we just did what we can control of that we've played all.

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  1. Rizzo: '[Soriano] is here to pitch the ninth inning'

    Thu, 17 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. What rusty was a good fit because he's he's one hell of culture and he's strengthen our strength. And you keep moving forward and keep acquiring talent and assets to become the best or the best sub ball club you could possibly come. he's here because he's got great talent great character and great ability and and has done and at the highest level. Actor you know if there the the toughest places to perform in New York City several. He's battle tested he's he's certainly got afraid and he's only going to add to what we believe as it is a great young. Deep and talented bullpen guy he's he's a guy with great experience in. In big games and he's going to not only be shut down type of pitcher forced Brees also going to be. A mentor to a young younger. More good polish up by younger bullpen players and to get them to to go to a higher level loss. Well when whenever you whenever you're talking to about sent a free agent. With with the resonated. Rough that. You know I think that you're. You're you're speaking to speaking to the player. You're paying the player. And and you're expectations for a player he's gonna he's gonna finish out games. With Davey Johnson's managers as we all know he he likes to use a bullpen and bullpen being so. With fellow with going to spring training will be our ninth inning guy. But that's not to say that that other members of people are not gonna get opportunity to finish games. We we hope to we hope to be in a save situation you know many times and during the season and death. And I think that this gives miscues gave me some different options to go to if if rough you're too. Pitch several days in a row he could go to another he can go to another asset and another reliever. But but. You know suffice to say Iraqis here to pitched the ninth inning and he's gonna he's gonna successfully ever everywhere he's been and we expect him to continue that. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Rafael Soriano is introduced at Nationals Park

    Thu, 17 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Well welcome and it's very happy day here in new Washington Nationals land. Collector. I'll be the first to introduced Iraq feel Soriano are new did newest member of the Washington Nationals family. A lot comes with impeccable credentials. In. Are terrific. Talent and skill set I think that wolf will fit in personally with the Washington Nationals sub bullpen. Also fit in with us in India on the field off the field in the clubhouse and the community. And he's a terrific young man that to. That got great character great makeup and really is the epitome of of what has become a Washington national title planner. So away with without further ado I'd like to present feel down. He's knows definitely. Do look. For him. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Wizards-Kings highlights

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    CSN Washington dot com. People wondered about. The difference one player can make just look at John Wall since returning to the court the Wizards have not lost a game last night Sacramento. They look to win their fourth straight which would easily be a season high. Former NBA star and current Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson may be watching it game one of the final times in the first. is moving the ball nicely Nene Martell Webster strong in Washington on top early courtside and in the second. Off this deal with Trevor a reason. With the lob and John Wall somehow manages to finish off the glass and get the foul. With ten to Wizards life. Then just before the break Bradley deal continuing his impressive play. This trouble for three of his career high 26 points on the night. Wizards up 5648. At recess. In the third another highlight reel play. Going behind the back and dishing the main for the score Wizards role but in the fourth stormed back. DeMarcus Cousins he is motivated he's tough to stop hoop and the harm. Kings comeback from eleven down time beginning 91. Now Wizards trailing by one Washington one last chance to win it shot. Off the mark wall get the rebound. His shot is. No good and the Wizards winning streak is over they 959. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Randy Wittman on losing a close one to Sacramento

    Thu, 17 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Our effort was great. You know just you know. We didn't execute some things down the stretch and we normally do we Couple times. That's is what hurts illusion pushing. Some physical game. You just learn. From coming down the stretch don't give a glimpse. We didn't. 3.4. We have learned that part of coming down the stretch. CSN Washington dot com.