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'Skins must slow Dez Bryant to have success against Dallas


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Sat, 29 Dec 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. The way Dez Bryant's implying last month month and half how do you contain him. Lived it's and it's a great challenges that we're gonna have obviously put a rush on the quarterback. -- would be number one in you know trying to trying to keep a couple guys on on Dez that if you know that doesn't sometimes it doesn't work so. -- he's -- usually come into the zone. You know romo's fundamental obviously he's done a great job. Is the case last time I got contain him for a long time and then Josh took the gamble and lost ends up in the deep touch as it is a type of player where you have to say. Don't take that gamble to keep him in front of your all time bills a number of things -- was lost containment corporate for the first time all -- inning game when he scrambled out of pocket which is. Hopefully -- fatal -- against him. It him into just took you know the risking. Leftist Eaton to make a play and MB two seats respective issues tackled so. We had a number different manners and I played on on the -- on the deep ball that. That against him you know you got to be aggressive you know you're pretty hands on him and -- be able. Have a couple people around him in an ineptly to hit -- State's Mike has been. Stressing all along. These types of games you remember for the rest of your life. Is that something you're stressing to all just a lot of young guys really we get you know get a lot of young guys we can't some older guys and -- you know that. This is a great opportunity Foreman you know coach is also also. It just to get to the play of CDD young guys understand how exciting the playoffs aren't in what they mean the on the excitement goes around and hopefully this game. With the fan base and everybody be in there them getting themselves -- and we will play well you know get chances keep on. CSN Washington dot com.

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