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Redskins defensive captains love what they see both on and off the field



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Sat, 29 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Are you two guys came in together last year to be honest now what did you hear. About this team before you got here. Brazil supposedly supposed to be. Dysfunctional. Dysfunctional unit and it's a lot of criticism was going around. That's a locker locker room was toxic and that you know the management was having issues Zulu there was just a lot of a lot of chatter about him ever since I've been here I've been impressed. I felt comfortable so was I got here it was a lot of that I enjoyed being a -- four guys I enjoyed playing with. China has great these players coaches ago you wanna rush to war for. And you know he's a guy who drives you think he's got it figured out I covered this team have covered -- brought them there was dysfunction in the locker room to perhaps bringing you two guys in. There's one of the the key things that changes the make the Fella --

Yeah I live former mourner free agency started and not so -- around phone minutes ultimately you know. We know certain people and they did so warrant buying in and destroy a move in the right direction and I knew we were trying to get very. So I don't know if he was here I was there are known that -- have to deal I'll probably solidify him.

Yet with I think Redskins nation lost their mind because it's one game. To win the division but as you just said don't you guys -- used to this. Mentality right means you can't you couldn't afford to lose -- how many minutes. We're confident and comfortable like this. And just saw. We we've all come together and coaching has been very. The leadership was a great in the young guys who allows house could hit a rookie wall. Cabrera bust right through it if there was one in the muscle also the system -- for them -- you know when guys -- on the same page played toward one common goal. Special plays happen to think that forces you you put on both sides of this rivalry. Is there a difference. When it comes to Redskins Cowboys.

It's more serious over here you know I think. Before I was ordered him and totally lose you know same over risk is well aware of them since losing game well they can't take anymore you know. This is a fight to the -- man you know loser goes home so. I'm excited. I want you to win -- real I mean for a -- anybody in this -- so come from be ready on Sunday.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hello everyone holder here with your Geico sports net central update. We are just hours away from the Redskins and Cowboys feel at FedEx Field trash talking going on. All over the DMV winner takes the NFC east title and an automatic playoff bid and the Redskins know the magnitude of this huge game. Yeah and it is the biggest days qualities are of the game who from trust your life you know lights come on Sunday. It's stats you know there will be having you out. Who's got a one football game and that's that they they pay us to do and that's what we thought yeah. Mistakes. We pounded the most is going to be yeah. Have our work and all spring all summer comes on one game when there's a division I want this. Everything on an economy that's for sure this isn't so different. that's what you live for you know you live for games like this actually means something colossal risk in a club and after personalized. And I do not plan on going on get this one. go from here at the Comcast sports net studios on the holder for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. But Washington once again goes into a game undermanned at they had ten healthy bodies only nine at home plate tonight. You can't fault the effort the effort was there they just came up a little bit short against pretty good Chicago. A team here again and you knew it was going to be a defensive stroke that's what they do they do best and they. To make it got ugly at times but again a lot of fight lot of effort from Washington Wizards out rebound this team by seven. And they got a season high. Yeah. Yeah a couple of blocks shots to I disagree that the team's poor six of the offensive glass. Ultimate goal This victory yeah two straight. in the second. The scenario but. Just a great effort on his sport last night delivery round so yeah he's he's bored. One of the areas Washington. Has had trouble this year what you expected team that hasn't played together. It's turned over the portrait because of mistakes made the cost of. It was three point shooting they got outshot seven victory in the in the total was good points all total was seventy total. Leading to nineteen points and a lot of goals of breakaway. Belinelli. Capturing two. Second half. Yeah that those turtle was really hurt you again when you have a team that's so good defensively. And you give easy buckets to them in the you have to fight for every book that you get it just creates so much for disadvantaged. Five players on the Wizards in double figures tonight but there and able to win it and a full 8777. That's the story from Chicago with Phil here I'm Steve buck sent it back to you. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I like the Redskins Ravens in Maryland winning it. Not coming easy for the Washington Wizards tonight a rare opportunity to sit back to back drinks of the oasis water in the desert. Of the season Washington struggling like this young man child. Those two good and looking good early Bradley bill penetration by Kevin Seraphin second Jake puts Houston up eight. Later in the first Marco Belinelli showed off some moves and get them to Villa and right through holes cut the lead before. Second quarter wish trailing now so the match. Christian you know below. Finds done things yeah like one sixteen offensive rebounds for Washington we're tied up late in the Carlos Boozer. Doing well. Putting Chicago up eight. Half winding down Working his way. Nice Wizards down six at the break out. Wizards shipping away in the third down four until a or before. Pulls up from the top of the key and the drills this long to eleven home runs for Washington and brings them to within two. Now down by nine awful rebound and it's Mac. Flair for the dramatic and what was his right a seriously cut the lead to seven but the Bulls would prove to be too much. This Jimmy Butler with this step back and puts it and how to reach wits. Still looking for the quick and elusive second win in a they've dropped 18777. Here's Randy would. For me is just what those quarters and we didn't shoot the ball again. Interpretations of change. they're gonna make sure. You make those things so sometimes when we got to know him. But struggled from the Trevor wingers you know. You know there's four or you choose. Back down shots and tonight if we weren't scoring the thing we were struggling school and it was just. yeah. If you work our pollution. Stuff from confidence. Making shots and that let you know as we've seen no one. sure especially so there we didn't hole. Just again and I am so. But it you know arcade not. We matter battle against shorthanded. No CSN Washington dot com.

  4. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Julie Donaldson

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com but we counting down the hours until the big showdown for the NFC east title and berth in the playoffs. Rob he got with the Redskins offensive courted her how she Indiana got his thoughts on what to expect from the cowboys' defense tomorrow night. Last time after the game on Thanksgiving Day Rob Ryan said in a lot of time to prepare for you guys and maybe cost a little bit. During his seeing anything differently in the cowboys' defense this time around. I think always when you play that we play Robby and he does a lot of stuff to some good stuff and he got to be ready for anything he's got a scheme more they're capable of doing whatever they want they can switch it up every week so it'd be ready to adjust since he was plans and starts. Any concern at these guys are. Too high for this game with so much from the line a rookie quarterback who looked like a rookie but there is time this may be that time any concern there too high after this game. Now I don't think so I feel like we've been in this situation you know for the last six weeks. I think our guys have played the best and the situation I think our guys are excited. Thomas on to be in the situation coaches why you play and on the look at Florida's all week and and Fortis our whole lives so can you just can't wait for Sunday night. Mean it's going to be a guy that's for sure not senator from and a Comcast sports that stated I'm Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.