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Trent WIlliams overcomes injuries, personal issues for dream season



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Mon, 31 Dec 2012|



Csnwashington.com. Back here Redskins coach Dave Bob Brett didn't run for 274. Yards -- way. Over regards. Fourth time this year that's the book that night. They get -- out record one of the key -- that. The guy on the left side that went to Atlanta got smug look. It is -- it also bathed in deep threat right now your body a bit behind.

go out now right yeah I can't. So give me the feeling in the locker went through it but copies of this -- it. Became put into words you know we've been homeless as a team. You know as a unit been so much diversity and you know all we do just depend -- needs and we gotta. -- great.

You know you also went through a lot of injuries. -- have a lot of guys that are playing right now hurting -- injury this year you that the people watching us right now our hearts were Redskins fans that they don't that. You guys have played through those injuries but. Tell them what it's like to play through those injuries.

Aren't you know as a nightmare you definitely you definitely don't wanna. The one underneath the you know we -- your ankle so this is so hard to put through you know you -- do you need good -- no matter what you do. You feel. Any pain you mean you have injury in the you know if it doesn't go away. You know it takes hard take guts to play -- that I've been injured you know and any good team -- have players who played through injuries so you know no one no one has to happen out over here if it ain't broke you know we were trying to get back and that's team. That type team that we have and you know if you can see it takes.

Which is the one play. Parties -- we know an old days. With the play I think was called -- you moved you got that ability. -- you moves that silver -- and we are not old enough. Ha ha. I. -- we don't we are under is still very rare food before they're okay Leo we we kind of got the tape miss though he felt when the they have they're known.

I'm not sure just that he -- throw you out they're probably right you know everybody has little stumble and allow. And you gave back early in Houston implement earn the respect of my teammates -- and respect that if they have a kid that are you know. Out problem -- obviously back that -- here flattened if you smile and I'll face. I'll probably do yourself.

I'm very proud of myself you're not -- to help -- support system of -- there would be. Since day one he knows and the dark places when I had the had to watch my team play from the couch you know it's you know when I did it for myself and I can't really blame on anybody else so. What I did this to go elsewhere on the sodas and and so much of it worked out and give you a 110%. I'm combat -- been -- and -- the talent that I know you know being draft number four overall this is what you would expect from home from -- like this.

Well with the darker aspects tiebreak baby through the darkness re signed the lights and I'll be with you like -- put that bag CSN Washington dot com.

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