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Skins Social: Can the Redskins win it all?



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Mon, 31 Dec 2012|



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The Redskins are playoff bound their NFC east champs and they all came at the expense. Of the Dallas Cowboys the -- in social I'm Jennifer Williams alongside -- tam. Redskins -- we used to get he wants an out and they win it all. Well.

If it's your inning you can win no I mean that's that's what's been -- the Giants. You know the Giants should be perfect example last year there were outscored on the year there -- not one of the best teams out there redundant on the right time. -- the Redskins I -- I think did have a difficult time beating teams like Atlanta the chances of the have a tough game against Seattle here next week. But. You know if if your if you're -- it sometimes you can get lucky teach him all the -- for you. And maybe I wouldn't you know -- you're not gonna favor them but you can't say.

And we had gotten it -- from -- Bosnia 22 and he wanted to know where the Redskins are gonna put their Super Bowl trophy -- like sixty TR. You know. We had a great tweet from act on from Chris crispy -- he only nineteen completions for RG three. Then he happens to be concerned.

Concerned yes I mean is it does. You know we know he only threw eighteen times which you know both of those there. Season lows for a for a complete games. It was human Manning. You know -- does just let's just see how does offered Morse was able to carry the load today which is exactly what you want to do against a Dallas team. His -- weak up the middle there and injured up the middle. And it has has strong cornerback so I think guys you probably wouldn't have to be expected that you like that that few completions but. Is it you know it's it's it's not recognize it as a big worry -- this -- know they won he'll play next week we'll see.

And Mike Shanahan at the post presser he had said that you know he noticed. RG three was maybe not a slower but moving differently and even if he was hurt he wasn't gonna and made it ten. And chance that he liked his competitiveness that I mean. Well only time will tell irate less about the other rookie the last to tweets about Alfred Morris is he the MVP of the game.

the game certainly you know easy for a you know a legitimate candidate for rookie of the year yet you know yes you'd have to say. Sixteen this yet 16100 yards and -- lot of years that'll that'll lead the league forward. I -- three touchdowns in just you know just has really come on in you know for a sixth round draft it was really really showed himself well. RA and last question is ends from at inspired by you Stacy asked what are -- keys to a W next week. I think pretty much the same -- Seattle's got some a couple of top cornerbacks. Might not be so for the passing game got try to pound the ball. And the ball ran him down for Boris maybe a little more play action passes Seattle has not seen the Redskins this year so maybe you can. You know you can you can. You know tried for a few more different things on the and then you gotta you gotta keep Russell Wilson. You know kind of you know and another version of RG three a mobile quarterback. -- can run who can pass. Know he's got that he's got a pretty solid passer and he's not just he's not just two runners. Got to find a way to keep him --

and actually the Cowboys -- other strategies today. Was to shut down Morris they weren't able to do so they saw him as the biggest offensive -- thank you so much for taking questions. Okay chair and I wanted to thank you guys for submitting questions you guys have been great this year happy new year and keep it locked. -- CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. Both Griffins hoping to provide a spark in playoffs

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    She in Washington dot com. Now joining us live from Redskins park is Tariq this year tar. Redskins setting sit there and go for the playoffs here they are set to get Cedric Griffin back after a four game suspension. Can he provide much do you think health wise after sitting out for a month. You know this defense has played so much better robbed during this seven game winning streak. They're averaging about twenty points a game which would be eighth. In the entire NFL do extrapolate that over the course of the entire season. And if they get Cedric Griffin back that's going to be huge boost he's arguably their most physical. Player back there on the among the defensive backs he was also played at a very high level Mike CNN right before he was suspended. We talked to Josh Wilson and fellow quarterback early today he said quote. It's like adding another dog to the fight. They can use all the dogs they can get as they get ready for Seattle meanwhile RG three last night clearly he's not a 100%. But we're laughing during the game because he's running around basically on one leg. And knowing can catch of what did you think of his performance and how healthy will he be for Sunday. You know if I had to put a percentage on it rob might say he's probably somewhere in the 85 to 90% range when we talked to Mike Shanahan earlier today he said he still bothered a bit by the brace on his right knee and like you said anyone who watched this yesterday's game it it still doesn't have that first that we saw. Before the knee injury that said he still went for 63 yards on six carries and when Shanahan was asked about the need. He said yeah I was really disappointed in my quarterback's performance yesterday portions joke and it hit point five average. Pretty good right. Not too bad and winning and NFC east title as a religion and also not too bad Tarik this year thanks and my extra time and happy new year. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Mike Shanahan finally seeing everything come together in DC

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    CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan exclusive he's brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. Couple years ago you were coaching it took a year off to look at the league. You come back he this in your process for you Mike Shanahan. Where's the pride how much do you feel it. Being able to accomplish. At least what are your goals so for. Well you always take care of pride in everything that you do put this is extra special for me because. You know it's been this little three years and anybody that is you know a lot of work long hours. I'm just assessing players draft choices control football team. Gil making some tough decisions along the way you know give me the best opportunity to win. You know your coaches or working extremely hard to hit to right system. First. It's an ongoing process but it's something that you know I thoroughly enjoy. And coming here. Went fans. See how excited everybody was. Much. Last night it was special. That straight. That help you in the playoffs just that that. Mentality of you guys are doing the last three games. They were all playoff games with you I think your players. Believe when you start when number on them and take on this is this our football team this is what you should do you should win games and finally put people away and we didn't do that in the first you know we have four games. We lost through her head when we're tied and in the weight hopes football game generally. Or this season to be able to finally accomplish closing the game. I really don't like here to entertain. Finally come. New Year's so for the champagne at midnight or you're stuck in the film we're watching TO notices you know obviously helps us what you I mean they even think about what they had it on come on now detectives will be just you know normal preparation A but. This is when you look forward to because that's what you've been working for. Makes you know here you your dreams hopefully come true winners circle but does well but what welfare then happy new year team right university this week which. CSN Washington dot com.