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Remembering 2012: The Orioles make the playoffs



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Sun, 30 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Watching other teams for years and so we want do what they're doing. And would like to take. -- -- -- -- Well the surprise story of 2012 pass to be that amazing turnaround of the Baltimore Orioles. They went from 93 losses this season before. That 93 win. That mentality is that you know what are you gotta do to get it. You know from top to bottom it suits the team afternoon. I think there were some people would say -- Baltimore football town doesn't really matter almost football now. Always a baseball. The Oriole way of Oriole magic but why not team it's all part of called the Orioles were kids Heros growing up. -- really cool thing about the Orioles so I think they epitomized. What the word meant. This isn't often that had to keep fighting back to almost every single game is played and you talk about when those one run game. Can you look at between these doors. You come in this clubhouse we know what to do there's there's a mission now and them. And so far we've been executing our mission. -- or in the -- wouldn't give him it was great to see all wore it back on the national -- CSN Washington dot com.

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