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Remembering 2012: Ravens miss kick, Super Bowl



  1. Lee Evans0:35, 1:02
  2. Super Bowl0:29, 0:34, 1:05
  3. Billy Cundiff0:39
  4. Ravens0:31
  5. Washington0:00, 1:11
  6. Terrel Suggs0:47
  7. touchdown pass1:03
Sun, 30 Dec 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. This season don't blow it. Fifteen seconds left about 32 yard field goal attempt from the right. You know we're sitting in the green ones in the game. In about five minutes left we start do particularly if you will and since then they can about. Going to the Super Bowl just how awesome that would be Ravens were so close within seconds of getting to the Super Bowl Lee Evans had a chance to win it. Dropped a pass in the end zone and Billy Cundiff comes -- -- you'll at least five overtime anything can happen after that. In the one shot that stands out to me was when Terrel Suggs you see him just now. You missed it kicker kicks. It's those times in my career as a and a isn't it didn't convert assists. The way things go what if Lee Evans caught the touchdown pass the ball when they have gone to the Super Bowl could they have once there was some of the things that -- CSN Washington dot com.

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