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Shanahan proud of winning NFC East but Super Bowl is the goal



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Mon, 31 Dec 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Well I think any time that you go back as a coach -- kind of go back to your experiences. Like when I was in Denver 200620072008. And people say your last. Point as a coach -- was in 2005. Going into the philosophy Pittsburgh at all for the media AFC championship the chance to miserable. And then 2006 you know who lost her last game that would put us in the playoffs at ten and six and 2000 a -- last game. Which one -- trip would be San Diego. We were -- pin division champs would AFC west. So you understand as a coach unless you get it done people forget very quickly abortion. So that's why I think your game like winning the NFC east and you get a game like that. You know you wanna find a way to win it because once you do. That moment starts again so they're lying games sent to you applying. -- should take advantage of that opportunity people forget very quickly. He -- to teach morals you know I gonna tops division championship to that but as a coaching staff. And is this as proud as is you've been of the groups instant. -- I'm very proud of this group because there's a lot of people when you're three and six in your find some adversity they're not strong enough mentally to. You know really go out her practice hard give themselves a chance to. -- accomplish goals coming got a strong character to take criticism and keep on fighting. Not worry about what experience. Just focus on your job players wolves coach is so very proud of how they handle themselves. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Did enough to really really changes you're get ready like you do every week I think everybody your football team understands. You're on to be in the season when your first goal is and that's him home field to gain that tortured to shoot four. When the NFC's we've been able accomplish. And everything now comes down to us before week's season or five we took them. Campus corner two weeks of the Super Bowl so. That's a mindset to beginning to talk about it you talk about the ability to get to where we're at right now. I take one income CSN Washington dot com.

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