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Who's more dangerous: RG3 or Russell WIlson?



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Tue, 1 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This isn't a play golf at home the excitement -- we're gonna party like it's 1990 now I'm not quite -- dump -- thing that's right. -- take note stuff will be in here. So the question of course have we taken the number one question is -- who is more dangerous at this point in time. RG three or Russell Wilson what do you that you know I think you're still RG three Russell Wilson that I believe -- year. But I don't think -- the speed that RG three and that was saved all -- -- Robin -- has limped around for the last two -- true but. -- -- sixty yards is not bad anyways look at and I think the -- back. That many people saw him live it. They're thinking that you know what we don't have the -- by him as much and that's what he's gonna get a must still think he's the most -- almost a wounded animal in the jungle. Is more days and got a Little -- LP. I think he's got to be that line is back and -- on -- -- -- -- I'll be Mitch you know normally I have you back like a dorsal thing that I at this point. I actually do disagree if you look at Russell Wilson has done the last eight weeks of the season sixteen touchdown passes. Two interceptions completing 67% of his throws. And rushing for over six yards a carry over that same stretch running around -- like France -- -- I think what RG three showed in that Dallas game is and this is to RG -- credit is that he can also be a game manager he can go nine for 18100. Yards throwing no interceptions let -- Morris do his thing. And yet with with Russell Wilson he is somebody who's playing the most dangerous football in the NFL right now. I'm scare Russell Wilson more than I'm confident RG theory at this moment looking ahead to this week. CSN Washington dot com.

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