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Wizards can't overcome big first quarter deficit versus Pacers



CSN Washington dot com. I think a set it off the top is just what he's games you tip your hat to the opponent they were just better on this evening. -- you know -- they don't have their best players so they -- for somebody to pick up the pace and that this season has been Paul George. It just his third season he had 21 of their win over Memphis the other night. He's already had 230 point games this year 29 tonight. Gave fourteen rebounds he's -- the career numbers in points rebounds and assists his wells again -- -- because probably that all around player that you want to. He got down 33 quarters we have -- great job here but he also could handle himself he. Can get a flu shot -- well so here. Six that he would. That's out there in with the dog that was blocked you didn't back down double puts in doctor backing him. I don't think they expected the game from beyond Mahinmi tonight that they got but he wound up scoring nine points with the -- -- rebounds so everybody chipped in for them. And for two teams that averaged 92 points and 89 points it was a surprisingly fast paced game. Up and down the -- he. On golf that way throughout -- through the first half we thought slowed down a little bit in the second they have been. Figured -- work but yet they've got some guys. That loves football career. His second start. -- -- -- -- -- -- In that situation you both didn't take advantage of that all important that you don't look now but you think about you've got to do. Played solid. -- -- -- Michael is this just went away. -- -- -- Ron clearly set it -- Despite not having Granger you look at their lineup there's some very talented players on this Indiana team. Yeah they're they're. You've got the size in there again they put their hit don't go out there have all of their their defense in this one of the best of him yet yeah that's what Jeff did you got to play defense and despite not scoring the points they give up fewer points than they score so they've been able stay atop the central division fellows. That would take a look at tonight's game -- he's been up and down just a bit but I thought tonight. He was plugged in any -- he accepted the challenge of going up against Roy Hibbert as well as Tyler Hansbrough. Gator really helped especially when Hibbert got into foul trouble you saw it seemed to be -- to get a little bit more. -- aggressive and assertive with Barrett's -- but again I really feel the idea of mix and though. And yeah he's growing he's making those developmental step steps that you have to take. Because he's got so cultural with the itself what you don't want him to come to call we wanted to changeup. You've got a guy in front of you gotta go where they've put remote really. All the bits at that point with his shot was falling well denied most of those eight field goals he may. I believe -- jumpers. Yeah you know he just think about this Washington club but there there there in a lot of games they've been in the majority of games this year and guys -- -- think about. How many players just can't play yet and you you've got what five guys that are out 45 guys so. I mean with the injuries it's remarkable that -- even able to stay in some of these games missing. Those players including their best players so the four guys that you don't make you sit here make excuses but you have to realize that. It's been patch work of this this team is undermanned. Cards don't appreciate it safe travels will see Friday island Brooklyn nets come to town -- can flourish there for CSN Washington dot com.



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