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Wizards fall again after digging themselves another huge hole



CSN Washington dot com. I took the association fresh off their loss to the Mavericks the Wizards were added again tonight this time traveling to the Pacers. Indianapolis native Randy Wittman returning to the Hoosier state Washington already -- into against Indiana on the season wears off to a rough start. Pacers scored the first eight points of the game. They led by fifteen midway through the first quarter. Indiana shot 15%. In the frame killed and seven different players got into the scoring -- Randy Wittman assumed the position. But the Wizards didn't go away Shelvin Mack who played his college ball nearby Butler coast to coast Wizards within six. Later in the second Jordan Crawford forced the turnover and then look at this crossover. -- -- not face a team high point three Pacers only up -- at the break. Third quarter Wizards still hanging tough rookie of the month Bradley feel strong to the ten Washington only down 20. But they never got any closer field turns it over DJ Augustine goes the other way eighteen for him to go with six assists. And then the main reason Washington couldn't catch up with Paul George game high 29 points a game high fourteen rebounds. Wizards ball 89. 81. The games are always up and down ebb and flow. During the course of the game we. We always have a stretch. His shoes utterance. It's not a normal good flow or. I get outscored six very and they give back in the game stroke play and more room to make your adjustments. It's 1718 points. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Randy Wittman0:13, 0:31
  2. Jordan Crawford0:43
  3. Paul George1:12
  4. Shelvin Mack0:35
  5. Wizards0:07, 0:34, 0:40
  6. Pacers0:10, 0:20, 0:50
  7. Mavericks0:06
  8. Indiana0:17, 0:25
  9. Indianapolis0:12
  10. up and down1:24
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