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Fri, 4 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan exclusive. Is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers.

Like coach this is what you've been working for planning for since you know early August. But how does this week really different than what previous seven playoff quote unquote playoff weeks you've had is there are different pat answers are different feeling around the building.

But the only difference really is the press all the presence around you know so. Play after practice you're a little bit of commitment there but. We're really run at the same way we -- a lesser waves to the guy is feeling different today today starting the sense that this is this is what it's all about them. Well I think you could sense. Feel accomplishment -- one NFC east because she. You do get a home playoff game here they have earned the right time tiger -- first playoff game you know pitcher's stadium. What's your crowd which -- fans should. You wanna take advantage of that opportunity. So we're looking forward to Marshawn Lynch yeah.

He's a big part of what they do and he runs angry Jim has a city -- to he's trying to hurt someone. What's -- key to stopping a running back like that.

I don't know if you ever stopped -- see -- trying to control they turnaround for over fifteen hit a hundred yards here every room five yards or better. That gives you an idea how talent he has but so he can do at all agent Greg tackling and make people miss and you know one of the reasons why he's so so. Respect disrupt an actual football you still get nervous this -- year. Hoyer always Garcia here but you know if you feel prepared and you're guys are ready can you really look for -- that this time a year because this was all about.

This is a very loose bunch in here we always say how it's amazing how loose they are does that. Typical of what you when you've had really good teams is that typical they're loose they're having fun is that confidence of being prepared for others centuries.

you know everybody is doing what you're supposed to do. -- got guys that were -- guys that know. We know what they're doing their accountable for every time they come in here it's offense defense or special teams or -- or person. Felt -- prepared to get a little bit more confident. She said Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. This Seattle team Baird DBs are big and strong. What kind of challenges that present for your wide receivers good you know the challenge every play on the get up there and try to jam the other I be good at the line and be physical back you got to get off we got to run to the ball is in there. Does anything change and the guys playing quote unquote playoff games for century weeks. But does anything change your play calling that knowing that there may not be next game you want everything. Out there. No is so I think. You know do you think he did try to save stuff. You're gonna lose that game so you know every week here is there is always day to day it's always our our. On the only day is now and in the playoff she can say that more than anything but can be that way every week you do every can win. Much like teams have to worry about stopping Robert or something Alfred. Which is more important with Seattle and Marshawn Lynch or Russell Wilson. I think both on the number one you gotta stop their running neck and he's a great running back he. He runs that he's like he's violently trying to hurt some money and he's number one in India and handle quarterback and all scrambles and his running game so. You get or kind of force of this you were pretty good and Iran I think the fifth they're pretty good run at third so. They don't turn the ball over we did a lot of terms of the Soviet Goodman good matchup. Carlos take a look at some more of those rankings Seahawks defense comes strong ranking first in the NFL opposing points per game. Only giving up fifteen point three at Comcast threats again they have a slight advantage on the take give the Redskins they rank third in the NFL with a plus seventeen. While Seattle is that they have now with a. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. You can bet FedEx Field will be rocking as only one other time of the playoff game been out of the stadium. 2000 the lines South Seattle comes in on a five game win streak while the Redskins have won seven straight some moments out. It's on high on both sides. the hottest a lot of times is the best team at that point the season so it's really working in that you know we're hot right now what. Go back to come to a screeching halt momentum can. To be fleeting you know we come home play poorly and don't protect the more earlier and things like that so we keep the ball rolling the momentum that we have is that we have a great thing. so where we play you know it's us this us it's up to us to set the crowd if we do. for making plays around you know a defense could picks turnovers were scored touchdowns. What they weren't sure about so you know we're just gonna try to stay on track. Placing awful ball didn't go there. like a seven game don't spend some games to do or die situation. So I think our mindset has been the same. Great preparation to earn a wake and got to go get it done and we kept CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Listen if I answered and they come on guys you answered it asked me questions. I can't as we turned the ball over. I we got a double we wouldn't pass. Those you know. Why I don't know why it happens. We missed free throws why does that happen that would why we missed free throws I don't know why. We didn't we did. I don't. To make and one play down the stretch. One play it for whether via free throws. And numerous times you know to us. An effort like. You know it hurts but it goes wasted. Then you know Joseph Johnson makes him. Camera I I came fault anybody's effort. You know there by playing the best they know the effort and we're what we have it is mandatory seven. He got to close a game now we gotta we got to close that game around. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I've I'm Greg Poland in the Comcast sports net studios with your Geico sports net central update. It was an exciting night for the winters and Bradley deal did everything he could be defensive and very in the nets. Joseph Johnson's late game heroics were just too much. Washington ball went 15113. And that you're Geico sports net central update I'm Greg Poland for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.