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Cooley and Moss remember where they, Redskins came from



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Sat, 5 Jan 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. These guys -- the the wily veterans on this squad. Was there ever a point. Where you just grifter at a certain. I don't know if we'll ever get back to the dance and then. Prosperity we're comfortable. I mean. Honestly. Every year -- -- going to come into the season with high expectations of just. You know having that chance you know go to the same thing everybody else is going through comparing them to be -- to. You know get to the big dance and you know you got the year and not come close. If he gets Aaron would best competitors you find ways is -- say you know. -- Nation and they shouldn't keep put in the work and keep women who were considered eventually it became bits and it was so. Always stay optimistic global markets and so we'll see the whole season but game could you never know what you're. Here but you never know you know if you don't have that he used to have that soon so you know Bob always is hope. And so except watch every game like a fan and -- -- him on. That can definitely felt like there is something pretty special going on. And so to be back can be a part of that has been amazing to your brother died. And has been has been something -- -- very fortunate about I'd be dying right now if I wasn't -- because it's home or somewhere else it would it would drive me absolutely nuts. Is there a moment. This year whether it's before the season began or somewhere this season and practice for a huddle we looked at each other when. And -- here at quarterback and a and an offense that is doing especially the. I'll say the moment I really thought about it with him as one nightclub only pass of cut out here. In this guy's going crazier than anyone else on the sideline. Continue info that man -- -- Chill out man this is what it that ruined ruined some. You know he just he did have that kind of you know enjoy it for -- -- us -- you know. -- I mean school has been that guy. It was a down point. A bingo caller calling your offense green where was that we just thought. Come -- seriously. Consider me honestly man you know. If you have a lot of down so you don't really you know try to remember that stuff. Did -- know when Morrow was saying it was no problem to have. Guys that coming here is gonna help me because you could say tomorrow what's not wanting to play there. You know I go home interiors like that and you know correlate to myself not -- might seem that I'm curtain that we can't be successful. And I'm hurt and then -- covers here uncovers there and there's no way to get me out of this to get me open give me to be better for this team so. You know that's why I say you know these here isn't it. There what do you have to -- to some to get to a year. That's why. You know -- a joy to be out there and around these guys because. You know in the media -- you know I mean people put you know numbers and years on Kansas say that's why he's so that's why. And I you know it's can do them all and that's that's happily you know I'm on my does that influence you tell me what his system -- On the system museum and look into this run defense is Russell -- a common to -- because I enjoyed playing the game. CSN Washington dot com.