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Russell Wilson and RG3 have had similar impacts on their teams



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Sat, 5 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com right now is Trevor managed to talk about this match up. That's a piece of again. If -- the Seahawks how you slow down the Redskins well what you've got to do was match up with those wide receivers and they've got the corners to be able to do it. Better really than any other team the Redskins have played this year. Richard Sherman quarter for Seattle is 63. About 215 pounds he's a big tall guy that can match up physically. With -- guards on something very few guys have been able to do but it Brandon Browner is back at the other quarter from suspension. He's a guy that can also match up with the rest is no matter who they put out there and number two. Because of that I think one of the most important players for the -- is on offense will be tight end Logan Paulsen. He's a guy where they can find a matchup in games like this is not always the most talented teams the wind is the best matchups that win and because the matchup of the Redskins receivers especially Garcon. Against the defensive backs of Seattle is not be advantage for the Redskins at they've seen in the past. I think finding that advantage with Paulson a big tall tight end. Is something that will move the chains to give the Redskins and an -- if you want the Redskins you have to stop a Seattle team that has been as good as any NFL team in the past few weeks. As anyone in the league in putting up points. How do you slow them -- while you -- their quarterback Russell Wilson is RG three because in a lot of ways he plays exactly the same way. He's a mobile guy he's very accurate in throwing the ball he's got. A mindset. That doesn't freak out that the speed of the NFL game and in in recent weeks we haven't even begun to run more of the zone read and more option principals. Just like the Redskins do and the thing about Russell Wilson is that if keep him in the pocket if they forced him to be like a Peyton Manning the edge goes back to the Redskins because unlike RG 362 of his ball. Russell Wilson is listed at 511. And that's very optimistic he is not as tall guy and so that's one of the reasons they move him around to get him you downfield what you. From those big office of -- defense of -- well if they keep him in the pocket. Then he's got more big bodies in front of him it's harder to see downfield. And he reverts from being a mobile quarterback who's accurate to being a pocket passer and his height that advantage goes to the Redskins as well Sox won five straight Redskins have won seven straight two teams playing some very very good football. Much more -- from Trevor as well Brian Mitchell and John -- Sunday's three races. Picked up -- -- but I feel it is a ninety minute pregame show reports and analysis plus. You're from hall of Famer Steve -- and Joseph Jacoby and we'll have a special visit with Russell Wilson's high school coach in Richmond Virginia. CSN Washington dot com.

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