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London Fletcher pumps up D before Seahawks game


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Yeah. Okay it's. Great yeah. Don't it won't happen. It's. Going. Good. Health and got to celebrate what they're dominant.

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  1. Mike Florio on RG3: "You've got to get the starter out."

    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. So in April the Redskins look like idiots for using a fourth round pick on quarterback Kirk cousins and December don't like geniuses for having cousins on the roster when mercker in the third was and now they like it it's definitely using cousins when Britain was clearly hampered and hobbled. And not right. That's the game fell apart for the Redskins on Sunday against the Seahawks. It seems like only Griffin Shanahan where the folks who knew that come out of there and doesn't guys getting out of the game and at some point when you have a great backup quarterback like Kirk cousins is becoming. You've got to get the starter. Out of the game and protected not just for that game but for the future so now. Every redskins' man is holding his or her breath wondering how bad this knee injury isn't there's a fear that he can affect not just the preparation of RG three for the 2013 season but also. His availability. Will all be keeping an on the coming days and weeks. Csnwashington.com.

  2. Shanahan breaks down the Seahawks loss

    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. The game itself. The got out to a quick start. We look back at it obviously there some including Seattle being a pretty good defense as well when you come away after watching. and they've meant an opportunity anytime you have a first quarter like we did. Kind of got away from our game plan a little bit with Robert able to run at that speed and kind of tinker a little bit here and there. Just an like we normally do. Do you get a chance to talk guys as you head into the April 15 when guys are supposed to come back and seems like so long. From now you're ready to go back you what I do is I try to get everybody. Phone number of their current the more I talk to each guy you know over the next two months you know we get you know football team and what I try to do is you know. If one guy or two guys today you know throw it to two months three months that gone and you get a chance to keep in touch make sure that doing little things and care. He sits up in your press come about cross checking. For for viewers out there what does that mean you got the coaching staff project. soft and you look at your player's offensive coaches looking at defense players that were attacking each week. And sometimes don't like that happen you know with them hear your staff for your offensive coaches that your. Defense to personally defense of personal look at it here offensive personally personal but the that two run. Different things that they see that might help the offense and offensive coordinator on the defensive coordinator. Same thing we'll do it specialty school cross check their so kiss and make sure that everybody gets a chance and I players and take. You're three with a squad you take this team and when the NFC east. Expectations are raised for next year goals change. Well well the goal there was saying but the expectations definitely. Have anytime you win the NFC east here players get a taste of the playoffs and wanna go back. Especially losing like we've lost we opportunities there especially we started a game. And you always want to finish it positive note he's answered this a million times and we can get happy again this season it's looking like Super Bowl. This goes back Robert the next couple days if it's the worst news possible move forward. Play as well for parts. You take it like Adrian Peterson how can he come back yeah with I mean neither it's totally and career. take a look at some of these players and what to do with major injuries and they come back and play exceptionally well next year so. You know you're always hoping for the best but if it is something that. Is that it is poor you know the guy's got to work ethic to do what what are we want to do those change because the quarterbacks Paul I think it's always tough when your quarterback as you'd like to start your offseason you as soon as you can get that timing down. Regardless. What position in your play. It's always tough when you do have an entry but if your hard come back you get it done and lastly when will you be able to decompress look back. Enjoy what you guys did come. Well I feel good about in our coaching staff out too good about our players to have that type of adversity struck out 36. And the poise and composure. And the preparation it takes to Oakland still get it done when people wore. Pretty negative uses a lot of the guys in general. appreciated CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Shanahan: "It sticks a dagger in your heart."

    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com how. Our coach. You know a day afterwards. For a chance to look at the film and I said on Twitter reasons social networks that you're you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't. As far as Paul Robert during that game last how difficult position is it as the head coach when a player comes to your player of that ilk it's as. Coach I can go but he's you still see things it may be he's not. You like that. Well. The especially playing at the level and plan we start to game with fourteen points and also on things will click in the second third fourth quarter. He's saying what what's the reason is that somebody hurting. The defense is pretty good. So it's scenario that you go through going to take a look at. The success real early you're always disappointed when you can't finish it. Is that part of the learning process with this young man that you guys you've got to now well over a year together. There's just stole all. Learning processes. As as to when he. Is being straight works straightforward with you. We'll bring you an example weir playing Phil and his first game back in the second quarter. He ran off to silence can jog. And I said you're an He said well that's cool you know he went half speed. And that's sign Hansen. You improve on I'm taking out. He said coach I promise. He said I'm. I'm fine you'll see. And if you could see that and he played quarterback position. He just and take often wrongly uses an attempt to speed so have to go to the Philly game intentionally did. I didn't have the confidence that you know if you tell me that he could play play when. What you see yours Guy goes down what goes through that moment easily Play every every scenario goes through you as the open guy. It's not too serious but I'm looking horse but to play before. He gets hurt he got rolled up pretty good we about a half quarterback keep there. When he popped up on that he's gonna pop. Until cup next play critical for the ball that's Sticks the CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Shanahan: "It wasn't a perfect field."

    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah you had you know and you're like perfect field and there was a perfect feel we all of that. And I kind of mentioned before I've I've been in San Francisco. Where that. Feel like in the season was always torn up and sometimes we put side down and it was worse effort put decided especially Nusa. Did the same thing in Denver at one time and that it didn't work out for the side. If you do side right lifetimes it's it's good. I really thought to feel was okay couldn't see people slipping. Him during the game. That's where you seemed perfect grass and guys we have to slip and all the time. And so therefore I don't think here's an advantage one way or disadvantage one way but you would like to have to perfect field yes relative to turf. you just got to judge if if you're willing to go in that direction because of the injuries on turf compared progress CSN Washington dot com.