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Skins short-term prospects at QB now in question

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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- Texas so my surrounding the decision to keep RG three in the game last night she can of course. Taken a lot of heat what are Griffin's teammates those saying about today's news. That's funny Julie well when we talk to them on Monday morning did not yet heard the news that a Robert Griffin the third to go for further test in Pensacola Florida doctor James Andrews further tests on that injured knee so the debate rages on for the foreseeable future about whether or not Robert Griffin the third should have been pulled from the game on Sunday night here's whats not up for debate. His teammates have no issues for the Robert staying in. As long as it could. Just the nature of how long the season goes I mean if you don't get that choice because you're not playing. You know and it's an advantage to have respect for. Have a child did something in my situation just because this. He's our quarterback who -- on quarterback. If he tangle at 60% he's been half of the guys out there that Soledad. You know this this and and you know he's -- -- run and that's what three weeks four weeks in. He's still hard -- You wait for somebody tell you can't play him play on because -- -- up to us and we've got -- out. Through anything pretty much. It was hard for me just to pull myself well but I knew I was an ultimate team and for Robert he still was hoping the team out there. You always going to be. He knows it and then gets to get as -- To stay competitive this thing and knows -- yet they want to compete you would be a part of it. Especially in this room -- you know develop they got a city. -- I can't. Just took everything is cool so so special they wouldn't be a part of. No question that's the end all and bring in now Redskins -- -- -- this year let's start with Robert Griffin the third and well they put on a brave face today. There were certainly in the body language says a lot and you saw a lot of that there in the locker last night's tragic I know you're out on the sat outside industries and yes. I I -- RG three's every moment after that game. And as -- his teammates were getting showered and dressed in doing their interviews RG three sat. That is quietly at his locker stall still in this what he -- are staring straight ahead at the wall you can tell not only was the loss weighing on his mind. Probably something else and maybe you know it was the extent of that need not knowing but I will say this I mean I've seen a lot of catastrophic knee injuries and in my career. And he didn't walk out of there with a big to -- drawn that way so I'm not saying its reason for hope but you know this is another observation from the locker room. Certainly this franchise and in my experience at it that the people get it was just that people give us briefer for drafting Kirk cousins in the fourth round well. That's picks seems to be a nice move by these guys for a -- to what he did against Cleveland and what he may do in the future. You know. Mike Shanahan and company are starting look like geniuses I mean if you don't maybe wasn't part of the master plan a -- gonna take a high risk high reward type of quarterback you definitely want a very sure handed Smart. -- -- young capable quarterback there to back him up I mean if you look at the do you look at the Eagles situation. With our Michael Vick he gets hurt it's turned in the holes and and it's a big drop off there's not that enormous drop off from Marty street -- -- -- even though they have. Vastly different styles of play. The fellas left today they had their physicals and left the -- left rather quickly but they also left with a sense of urgency to come back and some guys said at any cost. In particular the guy we just heard from Theres a hole. Absolutely DeAngelo Hall said he would even consider restructuring his contract that's that's how exciting he is about the future of this franchise. I mean you know his cap hit next year's seven point five million dollars that's a lot of money. But you know what if it. But the Redskins and get to DeAngelo Hall the play in the second half as opposed the one that it struggled in the first half maybe they're able to work out of a deal where you jumped three million dollars less and if he's happy and the team is happy and right now that team is -- waiting as are we for the news on -- to third and that and the injury again they'll be in Pensacola on Tuesday. Then we all. -- -- -- All right thank you gentlemen yes we appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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