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Tue, 8 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Alex Ovechkin was back on the ice -- Cutler with nine other capitals as the band is slowly but surely getting back together.

Even -- last night at the -- People they could -- recognize and say thanks very much -- we'll come back can wait to see you play and it's -- business like offense Woolfolk had so far. --

As the one of the toughest things says as hockey man is we have an entire. You know when you when you play a season you're against a -- a bucket made. We get home dominate when you're on the -- home at 2 in the morning next -- you're dragging a bit and we have been tired for three months of him or out of our --

Once training camp starts there will be a whirlwind starting with the fact that new head coach at a Moats. We'll have only a matter of days to install his new system.

There's a lot of unknowns right now. A -- we just talked about all the conditioning and how long we have we -- officially known all along we have for a time period so we have a bunch of scenarios and obviously with the trainers the strength coach we talk a lot about. -- some guys to catch up. Especially short window when there's a lot of mental stuff going on as well and you know planet -- waiting game very soon so it's it's really not training camp it's it's the season and we're playing.

Fourth most teams have the coaches. Been there already. This week will be review. But Adam's going to have to teach the system here the next week or so. But one of the things of that and so it was the third and lots of teams with new players and most players you're gonna have to learn. Their new teams systems as well.

Is -- first couple years I think is going to be hard because second in the system. And I smoldering. -- in and we have to get the could be good -- could put. B I think two voices don't feel hopefully.

Oh -- said he enjoyed being able spends so much time in Russia with his family. Of course the big news he and pro tennis player Maria Kirilenko got in games under your seat and his reaction. Vintage --

She's not with me I know she's in Australia about. Again. It's. It's a good finish you know -- It's not that feel the same when you can do anyone you know.

Do you have a bureau. With a tennis racket and -- connected to it. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Wall anxious for live game action

    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah what a sight for sore eyes after missing the first 33 games of the season John Wall is on the road to returning back to the lineup. Q are you more motivated because that this so long and a guy just has to mean things have a for a reason Just sit back and take my time. We've got to be patient in this whole situation also. With him you know there's gonna have to be I'm sure some type of monitoring. Minutes. Because of the his conditioning is a good. Is this year. needs to be at this time sort of the Wizards missed during John's absence easy buckets and along with an up tempo style primarily built for rookies rarely deal. And vessel. Both were drafted with the idea of taking advantage of John's athletic system. 200 Jones learning on Muslim for Collins Collins is found in most things in of Cynicism from it's it's the big decision a little bit with us John out there today in terms of tempo on shoot tremendous. Mean is it amazes so fast of the PB two dollars or sometimes you think you're ahead omens. POR a's are burned sort of they on this and help us a lot for me because. Sweep was the a trio of for us he's overdrawn. So on defense and your thoughts over got. Today it was really the first The first that smooth that we really kind of when lie if you know kind of game like six situation. And you can hear him differently who's injured personally. Brady women admitted that this is the first time he's been able to observe improvements are made Giants game from the off season. He did prolong our work and we we worked with him all summer and you know that you see the individual stuff through and those who work but you know obviously we've we haven't seen lives but nobody will. Along local and come back and play him I playing for this pursuit shows CDC so. We really put New Jersey there Jersey athletes that are practicing. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Dr. Ben Shaffer explains RG3's knee injury

    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    Csnwashington.com. Now this afternoon I sat down with capitals head team doctor Ben Shaffer of Washington orthopedics and sports medicine at hospital. He has performed that many similar surgeries and I asked him to walk us through the process. This is the ACL here. If you look at a from the side view the ACL. Demonstrates. How it controls normal translation. back. That's the ligament the TO circus also responsible for stability. In picketing in cutting so it took. Critical ligament we see is apologies black structure to normal. If we look at this example and decide he would need exact. Image. But it different patient. Here we conceded is no identifiable with him. Instead of that black Linear structure you see just agree. Washed out if you get to twenty TO on them on the other ligaments in the collateral ligaments there on either side. This is a right model. This is a lateral collateral ligament in Texas to the femur. Here on the fifth mile. And this is responsible for maintaining stability against stresses in which he needs to work in this direction and we conceded in this particular example. EL CO is completely intact. And again when you had a disruption in the AL CL. What you see. Is abnormal. Heterogeneous. Washed out can win doctor say that he did you prepare of the LCL what does that mean. That means that whatever fibers were torn whether they were torn in their mid substance. Or if they were torn off the bone that he views sutures to directly reattached. The ligament either to the bones were primarily suture that and directly and together. Like and that's a primary repair OK and then reconstruction. Of the ACL means what. Reconstruction. Refers to replace substituting that and when you're ACL there is very little left it's kind of like my opinions when you look inside the joint. So you have to surgically excise that tissue in this case the previous graph from the prior ACL reconstruction. Clean it up and make tunnels and take tissue from somewhere and putting is a substitute to reconstruction. Is replacing the ligament with. The substitute when they say that what's his high motivation he could be back for the start of the 2013. Season how does that timeline. Gel with kind of what you have seen in the past primary ACL reconstruction. Probably is about a six month timetable to return to previous level of activities it's fairly quick. We knew as an LCO repair which initially requires a mobilization. Not prompt rehab. Right out of the box. Then your head into the equation several months because of requiring the LC LT heal me. In addition he underwent a revision ACL reconstruction not a primary reconstruction. And in revision generally we go bit slower. So we'll probably talking about a period of approximately nine months when I would expect an individual with his injuries to be able to time. She SN Washington dot com.

  3. Pierre Garcon on the future of the Redskins

    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Just the person that just playing you know don't want anybody to. One post knee injuries. That that EPO career but I. Is when need be I didn't or cover. Did you have an opportunity to talk to him after the game against Seattle. And if so what was his mindset. It was distracting to me back I'm on the next play shank you need your intrigue another meeting and local sports. We're out here to As a teammate and as a friend of Roberts when you think about what he has gone through throughout the course of when he first injured in the until now the news that. He's gonna have surgery I had surgery today. What does it say about the mindset of this young man is a franchise quarterback to go out there and put himself through this for the betterment of the team. So there's so much you get so much it is what it's. The team and how much you know he loves football and it's that so. Just like game for a full body position a lot of budget can't how much you care about the game. You know there's a full spectrum of timetables that we're hearing but. As a professional athlete and you never dealt with an injury where you had to go through rehab and what's that mindset like to try to get back as fast as possible. Just actually that's that there was in game basically have less time in itself but the idea of what a less distractions can't but it takes. But the most hardest part about the better you are well adapted their game something. And make your blatant pass went you know it. As you would know in the National Football League is all about next man up obviously do whatever it takes. To get back but how much confidence do you and the rest of the football team have in Kirk cousins. Let that person is prepared to play to go to game he knows say who it was beating up on that will eat properly it'll become a CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Darrel Young on Cousins and wanting to be back for 2013

    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    CSN Washington dot com people. When they picked. Cousins with the fourth pick this at what they do they just got they just traded up to get this guy and now the taken a quarterback in the fourth round. What against the Browns mean do you have full confidence. That it's ten can go twelve Absolutely have the most respect for twelve to just that. You know is in a situation he's been only knowing that you gonna get about a guy as since we got to be the man. Hello Tom economy and it says a lot about his character for him to come in and you know I'll play Nebraska and even when he came in any game and Taj together. You know lasting you know I'm glad he got another opportunity to go out and play because the last time was two interceptions in this. have you know some down holes success obviously and it's just we were excellent yet success early fault maddening come back I mean there's no one has been to consistently you know but. You know I'm just excited for the guy and he sent he he prepares he's started every day am. I don't know too many rookies that you know whatever he but then again I haven't been around in your rookie quarterbacks when he approaches a game and he listens as the biggest thing. And I utmost respect for I think anytime you you know respect the guy has been and you know been in the game for so long and you come and kind of take your spot. You know You know you've got to be a great person that situation just to so humble self. You know and yeah I success in Nebraska on the season things. He I mean people going to him Kircus is we can't run while we can't do this. They sit down around we start down upon me and that's what he's doing it was different. Are you trees and pocket passes to receive so we have a lot of weapons in the last checklist this and that it was. I'd say is pretty good man suggests as we can play well to. Early on what were you what you want you want back in. Yeah. Absolutely no way this my country is Shanahan over his last. I have wanna be back in with their seasons. Can make this right it's the CSN Washington dot com.