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Wed, 9 Jan 2013|



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Just -- the person that just playing you know don't want anybody to. One post knee injuries. That that -- EPO career but I. Is when need be -- I didn't -- or cover.

Did you have an opportunity to talk to him after the game against Seattle. And if so what was his mindset.

It was distracting to me back I'm on the next play shank you need your -- intrigue another meeting and local sports. We're out here to --

As a teammate and as a friend of Roberts when you think about what he has gone through throughout the course of when he first injured in the until now the news that. He's gonna have surgery I had surgery today. What does it say about the mindset of this young man is a franchise quarterback to go out there and put himself through this for the betterment of the team.

So there's so much you get so much it is what it's. The team and how much you know he loves football and it's that -- so. Just like game for a full body position a lot of budget can't -- how much you care about the game.

You know there's a full spectrum of timetables that we're hearing but. As a professional athlete -- and you never dealt with an injury where you had to go through rehab and what's that mindset like to try to get back as fast as possible.

Just actually that's that there was in game basically have less time in itself but the idea of what a less distractions can't but it takes. But the most hardest part about -- the better you are well adapted their game something. And make your blatant pass went you know it.

As you would know in the National Football League is all about next man up obviously -- do whatever it takes. To get back but how much confidence do you and the rest of the football team have in Kirk cousins.

Let that person is prepared to play -- to go to game he knows -- say who it was beating up on that will eat properly it'll become a --

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