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Charley Casserly on decision to keep RG3 in the game



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Wed, 9 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Z -- in Washington dot com. A playoff -- a division title and a new air for the Washington Redskins but could one decision bar -- magical comeback season. I'm Jennifer Williams alongside former Redskins GM Charley casserly Charlie. My head coach Mike -- hands decision to stick with RG three vs the Seahawks can we get your take on his decision. Well first of all we don't know what the doctor said and so. That that's the total unknown here when I sat and watched the game tape on. A couple days after it would no pressure on. You could see it causes would have been a better option at one point during a ball game okay. But that's not in the heat of the battle. I get what happened there I understand that you're in the heat of the battle RG three should quarterback these these these the Pro Bowl quarterback. He's he's may have had a lot of great plays this year and you think he is self the next play the next play. The docked there hasn't pulled them out of the game to our knowledge. So -- your head in the game we had the fourth quarter and you're thinking can -- do I look at it this way I've seen Ben Roethlisberger play on one -- and not be taken out of the game I don't think -- Brady Manning or Aaron Rodgers will be taken out the game -- situation so I get what coach Shanahan did and I get -- -- said after the game you know maybe I could have. I don't something else there so lot. The Hokies means you don't know what the doctor says that is and she is a bit Shani said he hailed a -- doctor didn't tell the taken out of the game so. -- I could see why did it in retrospect. You would say you probably would have been better off with cousins but that's an easy decision to make -- of the game. Exactly hindsight is 20/20. And you said -- is getting a lot of heat do you think it's justified. Becomes what the position -- really does it comes with the position I would expect indicated that is that they get the heat if I was in his position I would expect to get and he. You have to make tough decisions and you gonna be criticized for the you just can't worry about it. And he was criticized he joked he had been criticized for picking up cousins in the fourth round lo and behold he you know that was really great decision -- let's talk about. The field conditions how much of -- concern was the field. Why you know talking to some different people have really got varying opinions on. On the effect of the field. It's hard to say whether or had an effect on his injury or clemens' injury I have watched the clemens' injury and in tape in replay to know that had an effect on the things so. I mean if I clearly has some Shanahan said he wants to address in the off season. You know really the way to address it is is to take grass field and put. Some kind of a synthetic feel like you have in Baltimore I'll like you have in Cincinnati to eliminate these issues like this season. How much. Does RT three news affects the redskins' offseason -- in terms of offense. Why I don't think it affects quarterback at all because you got causes you drafted him causes as a starter -- he's not ready you're gonna have to have a plan to back up cousins Grossman's best when he knows the system. He knows the personnel you know him and we better we -- players around Rex is proven that he can win football games now the question is would Rex wanna come back. I don't know he'll have any other options which you're gonna have to have a plan. Behind cousins off I don't know that affects anything else they have to do I think anytime you can upgrade the offensive line that's a positive. Corner and safety of the number one priors on this team but I do think one thing showed when you took away the option game and wide receivers against quality Pro Bowl corners couldn't win. Okay it's easier said than done picking up equality wide receiver that can win against those corners I'm not sure that you gonna be able to do that in the off season. CSN Washington dot com.

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