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Redskins Roundtable: Who's to blame? Mike Shanahan or RG3?



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  2. Mike Shanahan2:02
  3. Adrian Peterson's0:29
  4. Atlanta Falcons3:18
  5. OC3:19
  6. James Andrews0:42
  7. Ravens1:04, 1:22
  8. Rollins4:09
  9. touchdown pass1:20
  10. Charley casserly0:02
Wed, 9 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. They were Charley casserly Shawn Springs and Brian Mitchell tonight so the doctors say and I guess that six to eight. Months of rehab that's the hopeful -- what do you what do you think player. Well I think it's it's become the norm for guys to -- shows him ahead of -- months -- when you look at Robert this is the second time within ACL and LCL problem we don't know what other type of games to be there it could be a little long. Anything these quarterbacks -- you guys have to be as mobile as Adrian Peterson's our quarterback who came back and sixteen months and how much and had 2009 season and this -- -- a lot of drawbacks I think you can come back pretty quick and Charley did Peterson's knee was -- that. Yeah -- interesting though and James Andrews comment about Peterson's knee went out of his way to say it was in pristine condition. Meaning he'd never seen one as clean as -- Okay and that will have something to do with his who would Roberts rehab here so well and it's a guess at this point. We have to see how it comes along but I don't believe compare this one to Peterson because I don't know the knee is the same conditions start when. Was Robert a sitting duck after the Ravens game to -- he couldn't -- obviously he. Couldn't throw he couldn't run in that at some point when you see a player that injured and all of us got good tough guys -- macho guys and we wanna standing game but. He could make it happen. Suddenly became a sitting duck until after the second touchdown pass. Do -- before the Ravens game was still able to move around -- never won a little bit probably glad he was there to move around well in a day loose the game to play. He was a sitting duck for about three courses Charlie so the blame game celebrities playing head coach or player. Who gets the wind -- it -- first of all it's not the player. Because a player doesn't put himself in the game. The player now I item that you guys probably did run on a feel sometimes I let you shouldn't OK but the head coaches the wanna make the decision who's in the game. So that's him in a player's gonna say he wants to play. But he is not free substitution now. Okay well we don't know here is what was set on the sideline between the doctor. And and Mike Shanahan we know what RG three said I I'm he's already said when you don't -- Be injured or hurt or whatever but I feel like and play. To me it's. Here here's a way I look at this thing okay. While we don't know what was said but we want by watching game tape okay television you can't tell anything from. And and I'll say this. He started the game not a 100% and I'm just watch and how was he thrown a ball he strolled off the front foot there's no push off the back foot. Okay very little. Like 9010 will say. If that he initially after the injury before the second touchdown players. Now it's all off the front foot it's all upper body but as the game went on he actually got his feet under him a little bit better to throw the ball. Okay then he did he got back to where was at the beginning of the game not clearly he couldn't run that well. All right so when I'll watch it on Wednesday would no pressure UT put cousins and game. Okay but I get what happens during the game you think maybe it's always the next play you know what maybe he'll make a play on the next play will win in. It -- Brady Roethlisberger Manning. Righteous they would have been pole there okay yeah that doesn't make it right that they wouldn't have been -- that I. And here's what's gonna happen is when he gets factored the style of play -- Robert every third suffered concussion against Atlanta Falcons here his his OC after the game about. Does the style plate change. If I wanted to -- thing and I had to call. A different game because if he got hit it's he's going to be -- then he should be client you know I mean if if he's cleared is clear he's okay. And that that's my assumption and I think Robert's pretty Smart guy and I don't think you do some super like Dan and act like he's not OK just to get back out there so I feel very confident that if Roberts playing on Sunday he's good to go and from a 100% healthy and call a normal game. Doesn't go fall back -- on the player himself and doesn't Robert to change his style they Robert is gonna have to change some before going out this is here he said to be a change -- gain -- calls in game. That he shouldn't be in their -- change who we called him the second half. He should have been in there but the Robert will have to change the way he plays it doesn't come down whether Karl calls what play -- not. How Rollins has learned to get down the 2000 was injured he was scrambling was not what the option play that includes on the next game we went down he wasn't touched. So when you look at this you're watching Johnny -- still plays just like well we're pretty laid back guy hits and now he doesn't take hits and gets out of well. He's put up learned that they get the mindset. I have to be so tough out of his mind. CSN Washington dot com.

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