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Mark Zuckerman weighs in on Baseball HOF, Strasburg, and RG3



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Wed, 9 Jan 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Well for the first time since 1996 no one will be voted in by the writers and baseball that means those Sosa know Clemens. No bonds. Mark Zuckerman are in Sadr for the matches CSN Washington joins us now. You've been a voter for the last three years what was it about those three -- of your life and not on this years ballot. It's about steroids Chris I hate to admit it I don't like the fact that this as part of the equation but the hall of fame tells us that you six criteria to vote on. Three of them are character integrity and sportsmanship. And anybody in my mind. Who there's actual evidence of steroid use and that includes bonds Clemens and Sosa I'm not gonna vote for them for now I may change my mind over time. Other guys like Mike Piazza or Jeff Bagwell I didn't go for them because so far is only speculation he's not actual evidence against them. To me that's the -- line that you have to cross is their actual evidence that you did. Drive for the record Sosa got four point 5% of the vote Clemens 37 point six and bonds 36 point two. Are there trainers in place numbers wise stick to Carriker thing out of it that you look at and say. This number check this number -- that you think would put a -- at all yet apps. -- they're all kind of standards in baseball history 3000 hits that's like Craig Biggio first and foremost for me was in. I usually 500 home runs all of that number doesn't mean as much as it used to 300 wins for a picture. That is all is often something that used to trigger you take -- let me consideration you do with good thorough examination of a player's career you try to put into perspective. Given in their career in their time how they did in and you make a final decision. I wish the steroid thing wasn't part like I said I wish we could judge these guys based entirely -- performs and if we did. I absolutely would put bonds and Clemens and Sosa in because they were great players some of the very best in baseball history. All right after last year and RG three crescent of course corner position and you live that. Every day during the Stephen Strasburg situation when the team decided to shut him down. You see now what the Redskins went through with argent three in terms of not shutting him down and letting him play. Who got it right well I. It's easy to look at and how intent that the nationals got it right because they shut them down and he's going to be healthy going in next season and the Redskins didn't. And that's it it's not a perfect comparison obviously different sports different situations Strasburg was shut down. -- -- You know RG three was actually hurt I think that the lesson that all this that and it's applies to all sports and all athletes and coaches. Coaches and team doctors need to be the ones who make those decisions that players. Aren't qualified to decide whether they should stay in the game or not they're always gonna say they are healthier than they truly are. That's why ultimately it's up to the coaches and team doctors to make his. Decisions the year for us for insurance absolutely one month and recently -- -- we appreciate their excellence. CSN Washington dot com.

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