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Will Kirk Cousins to start the 2013 season for the Redskins?



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Wed, 9 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Charlotte got Kirk cousins. As the back up. Before after a great game against Cleveland everything well -- a great commodity. He's no longer commodity on the market right is that he's gotta be their guy.

losing to be starting quarterback opening day. The comment I made in the following week as I raised that I say is a general manager. Would goal option -- a little thing here to trade now we got to chip OK as immediate I would do it and put it there's a thing I said as we start the meeting. And I said of Baghdad before he got hurt again his first thing helmet right on the board as our backup quarterback -- decided we go to the playoffs for the RG three. From the -- facts is seventeen games didn't finish fourth when he didn't play at all -- finished. Think that's what we got okay we got a great player who's not gonna play all the time and does so you backup.

Quarterbacks to the -- what happens if I'd prefer you be nit final thoughts here as they now go through an off season and Robert. Begins the rehab process what you think -- I think -- take a lot of the -- that are risk is just starting -- come prepared to be your starting quarterback and also improve your offensive line. Because of your pro golfers who are you going up the run all the stricker Reggie. All different types of plays if you could just drop your quarterback go to ball and the golf and when he needs the run he runs that you wouldn't have to have that -- Of the office. And actually he's -- changes style of play anyway because he's from the older you can be Smart he's going to be -- recognized defense of coverage is better so he really get rid of the ball because when he got hurt like you said before he got hurt because he was scrambling. And no maybe no one was open and or you know we do a lot of blood pressure and but eventually as you get older you mature you get you -- the legs anyway. You make plays when you bring GM.

Yeah well in the area to me if we look at him. Where he should get better as a quarterback but if he misses all of training camp he's not gonna. As I watch Jimmy got a little -- kind of offense city come from a college very little reading he's a Smart guy. When I watch him play on the downfield passes he didn't pull the trigger enough times and that's when he -- times that he won't necessarily run in the future. He can become a better drop back quarterback and run less just play experience. And his natural progression as a quarterback and as he improves from year to year. If he misses the whole offseason misses training camp. That sets him back in that next development and puts him in a position where he may be run in more when he shouldn't be running. -- eventually he will run less because he'll make more throws. CSN Washington dot com.

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