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Bucher: Wall's return should bring excitement, infuse energy into Wizards



CSN Washington dot com. -- -- NBA insider Rick have you heard Rick would waiting all year and it looks like John Wall will make his season debut on Saturday what we expect and -- -- does play. We can expect at least a limited minutes the had. Excitement and the energy and the closer that the Wizards had been hoping for all season. -- the big question is this going to be conditioning and endurance. How long can he go in stretches. And how much of Cink is he going to be with his teammates won once he gets to game speed. Talk about teammates last week we talked about Bradley feels developmental for how well John return would benefit him. Well it's gonna be tremendous because there's been so much focus on on Bradley and it's gonna do two things one. John is great at pushing the tempo and finding guys in the open court particularly. In transition situations Bradley is going to get some easy looks and then despite John's ability to penetrate. Teams are gonna have to sagging and defensively those are things that by and large just have not been have been happening that the shots that feel has been getting. And then maturation process that he's had to go through is largely because he's got to create his own opportunities. I would expect that Bradley feel is really going to rise with the return of John. All. I'd give me a seat on your private jet let's move around the NBA. Now what are you hearing about Sacramento's move. To see -- so what's the latest. From what I'm hearing to this point look you have two sides that are extremely motivated. Them loops the current owners of the Sacramento Kings. The basic siphoned off every accept that they've had and the -- is -- the last piece and if they get the right price. And from what we're hearing out of Seattle. 500 million dollars would certainly be the right price this appears to be a situation where everybody is motivated from what I've heard perhaps the most important piece. Is that commissioner David Stern on his list of things to do before he leaves office in 2014. Is to get a team back in Seattle this seems that to be the perfect situation to make that happen. Pride and finally we knew the Knicks and Celtics was a -- robbery but I believe Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Burnett took it to the next level. Guy Anthony suspended for one game for what I guess waiting outside the locker room what you hear about possible ramifications for the future of this. Those two guys are at a crossroads. And they've created a conflict that I'm sure it's not gonna go away. It's he also has a habit whispering things and guys years to get them off their game what ever you think that might be. He certainly does not know any boundaries no offense to what Doc Rivers suggest so. The fact that you might of gotten Carmelo Anthony a little riled up beyond what he already was it's hardly a surprise. Csnwashington.com.



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