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Jeremy Roenick on playing in a shortened NHL season


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Well first I think it's a great choice Adam -- for that to the head coach but it is hard. But it it's a hard transition to come in and half a season yet they're gonna come in yet that implement this assistance extremely quick. This one week of training camp is going to be serious -- session. So I would expect Washington come out maybe a little bit slow. But. Adams -- very -- Smart hockey player. And he's a very Smart hockey mind so -- I'm sure -- and he will do very well with that the system I think he implements. Into it until an offensive team like Washington for --

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    CSN Washington dot com. Nicole character Geico sports net central update. Some other news for you Chris Miller reports that the team did have a discussion about trading for Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay but. The deal did not include rookie Bradley feel it might not matter though according to Memphis commercial appeal the Grizzlies front office. Has remained quiet and is likely to remain with Memphis through the season. As for the current team the Wizards were topping season high left and right on Monday night against the magic setting a mark. total points points a quarter points and a half field goal percentage as this and fast break points next up for Washington Wednesday night. In fact format now. And different here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Here are the facts six players scored in double figures a season high in points a 12032. Assists but also a team high this year. Paul a Wizards win by 29 over Orlando. Yes the Washington Wizards are playing their best basketball of the year now winners. Three straight. He's been snubbed if Luke's we have just been playing very well. Then you really don't include a point it wouldn't matter who the opponent was Offensive execution and defensive execution of the. We've seen it I've seen build and I we've seen not the full fledged 48 minutes of that but we've seen the Simpson's. You John as soon. Transition. That I can defeat no yeah thirtieth 20. Any advice column moving the ball than I would just chose future decision for me to among second game back just keeping the physical. And I'm gonna get easy shots there's a great double digits the easy. For John Wall playing in just his second game of the year in the third quarter he had his I'm back moment. Crossing up Smith. Yeah I. I guess so you tell me he was going nowhere and deny another losing. And as for a while so I think I guess There's nothing more you say them as this is his skills. Changes speed so quick and had to come off a quick news you reacted so fastening his best whom took me about the rule five. So. Jesus who is a rare diseases group going going on this front room. That play by John Wall spectacular but also the play. Of AJ price and John combines the two leading point guards on the team combined for thirty points go along with twelve assists. And just three turnovers. The winning Wizards head on the road for two weeks West Coast basketball. At some personal CSN Washington. Csnwashington.com.

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    Csnwashington.com. John Wall looking to continue with smooth transition back on the team. His second game back winds start fast Trevor Blocked Aaron up swallow from behind off and running going and and for the slam there moments later. Where is more defense into more often then wall. Finish in Washington. Up one late twenties who after one quarter we've got to the second quarter now. Twins run in some more this time. With some great passing from side to side on finishes with the slam there Washington up by as many as nineteen. In the Orlando finishing the half Rondo junior now for get magic within six points. The break third quarter magic nice passing finished by the ridiculous Andrew Nicholson went up by seven there but the Wizards get hot in the third Orlando's JJ Redick misses the three win you want. Run. Bradley deal finishes strong winds enjoy at 294. Edge in fast break points. the end of the quarter wall shows that team right here great crossover move and the district seven and for the evening flies. It doesn't get any better than that Smith totally broken down while looking very comfortable there. not done with this week I'm early in the forty vastly for the week value there. twelve points and six assists Washington win their third straight game beating Orlando. Once when he 91 preseason Washington dot com.