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Tarik and Larry make their Divisional round picks



  1. Aaron Rodgers2:14
  2. Tom Brady's2:56
  3. Marshawn Lynch2:42
  4. Ray Rice1:58
  5. the Packers2:09
  6. Broncos1:51, 1:55
  7. Williamsburg2:46
  8. conference championship2:33
  9. cold weather1:45
Sat, 12 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Ladies and gentlemen tar -- this year and I gotta tell you right now I have been closed out I have been mathematically. Eliminated. From this year is competition and you are the win. I am so excited right now. I you know I actually moved to tears on the west. Wish there was a way I can get back catch up but you know I did I I did follow up less than I was gonna get your -- what do what do you want I have. Have a fine with the thought well you know we're fans of NASCAR NASCAR likes to change the rules and then. You're twelve games behind a -- -- behind a little bit as well let's think of it is twelve points twelve point there are seven games -- OK right if you do two points per game. You got a chance. Well over easily cover that kind of slack I didn't hear you know victory he came here as we can give him is his little memento but Charlie. I don't remember the France family here that's not. Why but you know it's not all great other -- you once so I did I that follow up. I didn't get to this crown and you are the kings tonight where you have to Wear that now you have to Wear this hopefully if that's all well it does -- Is that where is the crowd as well I don't look at them Q can you guys give him and I have with the people wanna think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All that's OK I yards one thing come mood that you pick I'm skating now -- yeah I just don't think we know about it and make sure you don't do checkered ended up don't think that it malaria Banta-Cain latest round. The top pick the game's first call -- -- that there are Baltimore Denver and they expect snow in Denver Payton -- it is not the greatest in the bad weather what do you think. Yeah you know he's not very good in cold weather I think 03 under forty degrees. Somewhere but you know what the Broncos dismantle them the last time they played in. I think those Broncos -- this can be too much for off Flacco and Ray Rice I'm going with him it's going freezing it's going to be I gotta think that opportunities go -- come -- as we -- three points per -- look at. To bring Francisco. Green Bay I'm going with the Packers look like he's -- -- -- so much fun to watch but Aaron Rodgers -- -- in the playoffs what is it comes down on Akers field all. I don't know he -- competition the belief of the Cubs on the roster I talked about that yeah it's a very odd situation so yeah. We -- up church okay that's well obviously the pace or keep yapping all the way to the conference championship I think I you know -- like -- softened them last week they got down that fourteen -- hole and they didn't they weren't scared. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch would load he is hard to bring down I'm I'm gonna go with the Seahawks Williamsburg so we could take in Atlanta and refused to England -- -- take knowing that all. How could you not do that he can I'm 34 point eight points a game during the raising Tom Brady's. From them. Always back in Texas is not very pretty but I you have your kingdom awaiting you. They look great here thank you very margin man that he had to come back this we got to keep on absolutely fine until this year the -- next. -- it's just CSN Washington dot com.