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Sun, 13 Jan 2013|



Z -- in Washington dot com. After a 119. Days of lockout talk we finally heard the sounds of hockey. In front of a jam packed crowd account for the capitals returned the work and they were literally. Just happy to.

Be here to take severe around the yet. And all the guys you tell you that's what they miss the most you know I love playing hockey but being in the dressing room with this group of guys and you have the -- and and I joking around it's so we grew up.

This is the stuff you mr. Milosevic funeral and to see the guys this morning kind of joking around and you know let's let's. It's sounds pretty you know it's not manly isn't some silly -- you -- each other we get in lockers in the sense kind of manly men and manly way yes and evaluate says yeah you're on Terrell is happy to see each other -- gets it's not a lot of smiles today and -- He knows is it's it was a good day but good day because Adam Oates said along dad as he tries to instill a brand new system. Would -- the week before the opener.

We -- performing on Everett -- trying your best and it's tough is a lot of information form. And you know trying to get ready for your season and play and learn at all and its. A lot for one day.

during that time lineup. What's two months and what's not enough and it's not because you know practice it was very up tempo on federal was really crisp and especially if there's a camp that's great.

So the grinds officially begun. After a long off season of labor disputes it's now back to labor of love.

Don't want luckily it was no 11. The glow green when the donors and when the fans definitely didn't win I think at this point we wanna get back out on the ice you wanna. Creates excitement play hard for the.

Stands one player who wasn't on the ice today it was -- who reportedly got hurt while playing overseas although let me ask George -- what the exact injury was. All he did was smile and say. Lower body injury. And we're back. For the capitals -- Garland CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Total lack think it's CSN Washington dot com in the six to three loss to Tampa Alex Ovechkin led all forwards with 23 minutes and 35 seconds of ice time. But he is failed to produce any points they seem most effective in the first period after that didn't seem to click. So it was not satisfied with the lack of production from his line. game you know excited and I am off. You try to do something they needed them so. I think Chris did we were enough to make. Who have been. Not that good followers our system and both still This is what. We have families are revenues. We have to play. That'll premiere of the Comcast sports net studios on Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot count. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. After a lopsided loss the team spent a lot of time in the film room Sunday and Monday. And tweak things on the ice Monday morning there still seems to be a lot of thinking going on but nothing more than than normal growing pay. It's been turned implemented a new system there's going to be a little bit about our viewing period return to figure hotel all the that go longer itself. There were some mistakes. You know we do a lot of other things real well you know we well. How to block some shots. You know so we chip doing needed to but it's you know there's still a couple. Plays and couple. You know scenarios were guys so we're. A little bit and sure. You're thinking if it's yours it's your spot to go oh beauty do you pressure now and second really particularly especially against good players because on the right after more an hour so. Again it's. are going to be quick. Oh right away I feel is getting closer and closer so. Of course we've if we hello Texas refuses. Can. Score hello. Andre Goodman. Second period. I feel that everybody was kind of lost out there you know for me personally it was a system that played in the form Kind of like that obviously you know it's. A little homework on its own. I mean it's it's no different mental different definitely is vitamin. We won't play so long that's you know at some point you've come across the system toward prospered in a similar system in Nashville. And the home crowd will get its first look at this season's caps Tuesday night. At Verizon Center. With the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.