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Ovechkin, Capitals hope to thrive under Oates' new system



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Sun, 13 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Chuck we are one day into the Adam -- era with the capitals in his system from what the players say. He's a little bit of a cross between Bruce Boudreau and dale hunter. Do you think this team is made up for his system -- in fact I talked with Mike Knuble in the summertime I ask Mike. What is a good system for this team what is a good coach for this team and he said that. We need a cross between Bruce Boudreau and down hunter. He wasn't even going to be -- capital of the time but he knew that's what they needed they needed a hybrid. And that's what we're gonna hear a lot of this season we're gonna hear a lot of players saying. We're playing a hybrid system it's not running gun it's not Bruce Boudreau fire wagon hockey. Its defense of responsibility. And it. Neutral zone play that creates. The offensive -- which is what we've seen a lot with the Devils for years. People don't always like it but I think we're gonna see a hybrid this where it's going to be exciting hockey I think. When the capitals announced that they hired Adam -- everywhere expected it. While over is going to come over again there is no letting him loose and we see 6065 goals in -- that. I don't I think coach we will have a big season I think that this is a big coaching change -- in a positive one. Kobe's gonna like playing the game again and that's something he didn't like at the end of that last season he didn't tell us that he is a soldier. Listening to orders for no reason he wants to be unleashed this system. Him to get the puck at center ice come with a lot of speed which is dead. But it's also gonna make him come all the way back defensively and you're gonna hear his teammates saying that a lot this season. -- gonna create offense like coming all the way back and I think we'll see that I think that movie. Playing on the right side which is a big change for him. We'll open up a lot of things for him. -- Defense that the biggest reason in my opinion that Kobe didn't score a lot of goals last season is that defensemen figure him out. And I think if you use him on the right side he's gonna open up angles for himself. He never saw before. Well let's hope that he can return to form as he says he's just happy that I'm playing dumping chase anymore chuckle I'm -- ground CSN Washington dot com.

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