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Mon, 14 Jan 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. I'll look back Redskins nation presented by crop -- gets his terrible equipment is what those from the studio later about it. Larry great you -- good to see a man and now obviously redskins' first call or talk about you Redskins. One -- the NFC east you're all over the country I don't know where you were will be Cowboys but. What are your thoughts back on the of the skins that.

I've just didn't count on and on you know from where their three in. -- four to 63 and six and then all of a sudden run seven -- often just kind of electrifies his whole. Area around here and have a chance of my both my girls and Grammy living in Baltimore. I had an opportunity -- two or three of the games in. It's just fun fun to watch it was great to see. You know kind of the spirit that. Prevailed back and -- in the late eighties and early ninety's and you know winning championships and -- is Super Bowls and it kind of felt like that again in the United Nations capital so it was great.

You guys -- you're wrong when you won the Super Bowl this team won seven straight in you know what it's like to win a bunch of games on the road is that kind of feed confidence onto itself.

How does -- winning games is it is hard to do here you know and they're my run -- seven in a -- I think yeah I think they if there were kind of play off each other and unfortunately just. -- the effects that. You know one of those games in Baltimore Ravens game had an RG three and then ultimately you know taken. A big part of what he does in the ability to make plays and scramble around do great things in. And can you describe electrified you know and and really excited about a football game here in the in the in DC area so. It was just just under Watson agreed to be you know redskin fan during that stretch.

You're not the scramble or you're not a runner up a bit Robert. I really is loaded in got a lot of close able to let up a but if -- injured as severely as he was it was a.

Was worst injury ever so. Well I think the one I got kind of flopped over like a pancake and Phoenix game -- the gators are cardinal game here and I think 901992. Earned ninety. -- mean 93 and 93 season. After you at a loss to San Francisco playoff game the year before and the issue in the Super Bowl -- for that. Got to kind of flopped over and in half and and and -- toward some meniscus in my knee and again probably do the same thing try to come back a little sooner should have been. That season and never was quite the same after that and I think that's cal always caution if they have this. Is known -- doctors can Italian and coaches have asked -- you know on this and is -- twenty year old kid. And RG three is gonna say hey I'm fine you know and and that's a hard that's a hard -- and say you know -- Who's to who's to judge kids you know when he's you know wants to compete -- to be out there this -- in and I was the same way I approach came back sooner should have. And he eventually you know kind of lost my position and lost my ability to play. Because of that that season and in 93. Just if the effects of the coming back too early and Abiola be the same person I was never the screen and obviously that. RG three was but I'm just -- you're just not the same you'll feel as.

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