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Caps training camp update with Japers' Rink



CSN Washington dot com. Are you are -- -- -- -- of training camp JP what are your impressions today and a lot of people are very interested in what's going to happen with the line combinations. But it's hard to draw any conclusions from what you've seen so far and really what you're gonna get out of this abbreviated camp. But it's pretty clear that top six forwards are going to be and what those two lines are gonna look like with Brooks like anticipate to miss a week or two at the beginning of the season. The top lines can be Marcus Johansson nick Baxter and now took -- in the second line's gonna -- the quite -- while ski Mike Ribeiro and Troy Brower. And one thing you're gonna see that you might not -- as much in the past except infrequently is out took bets in on the right side. Adam Oates has done that with Ilya Kovalchuk in New Jersey and a other times in the past and I think both Ovechkin and -- are interested to see. What trophy looks like John on the right side is that a good change for an extra. I can be I mean if nothing more than breaking him some bad habits. That -- work it. -- likes his right handed shots on the right side left hand shot to the left side often. And it also might be one of the reasons you sire fair brought back because there were as a right handed shot on the right side. And another pretty big question is these season comes closer to what's going to happen in net and I know there was always that question last season. Now we every -- -- finally from the HL and Michael -- -- of course looks like. According to oh it's at least today that hope he'll be be getting that not at first. Dad I think that everyone expects hoping to be an opening night starter. It is far from a solidified number one number two situation and call I think that you'll see Michael -- get a lot of starts. As many as he can handle and really. Whoever's playing better -- going to be the guy in net I mean certainly bring hope he's playoff run last year. Earned him the right to be the number one starter. At this point in the season but we'll see what happens both guys have been playing and playing well during the lockout so. One position that the caps should feel pretty confident -- is that their goaltending position. And that's a good point -- goalies playing during the lockout now. Michael -- -- over in the Czech Republic and of course we'll be here at home NHL are they comparable. Systems. I mean that that. Talent in each league is different and I don't think it necessarily important one is necessary better than the other I think the fact that both had been playing is what really matters. Racing whoever on a larger rink it's got some different. Angles to worry about that he'll snap right back to intolerant. And fact they've been playing is what to what matters and I wonder how some of the older goalies who have been playing. Are gonna just early on -- I guess it was one of the things we'll say. Now another case we see in camp this week is. Wanna bring hope these TV's from her she got that cut and not an invitation to camp camp Schilling also Tom Wilson here in camp. Other this young guys expected to make this team. I don't think can't either of them is expected to make the team and I'd be quite surprised actually if either did I think in both cases. It's sort of a reward for how they've played so far this season. Maybe get -- says it and see what they might be able to bring to the table later in the season. Showing in Washington. Wilson aviator in Hershey after his OHL seasons. And it and it's also get these guys a taste of NHL action. And maybe that motivates him a little bit more so we'll see I wouldn't. Expect either one time and make their club but it's good to see them having them their first time NHL camp here. Pressured is and it's always good to see you out here at practice JP but to see more of that and we'll definitely see each other on the sacks this season their depth. CSN Washington dot com.



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