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CSN Washington dot com. I would bring our nationals insider mark Zuckerman via -- -- marte the addition of Soriano mean for the nationals bullpen and more specifically for your store and. Yeah and that's the first question that comes and I don't see what happens you don't pay fourteen million dollars a year. Guy can be a setup man or seventh inning reliever that's not gonna happen Soriano is gonna go to spring training as a number one closers. Now they can keep everyone and have an incredibly deep bullpen with story and could produce at a man. But it also now gives Mike -- some depth there and ability to maybe try to make a trade I know Michael -- has been on the trading block we talk about that. Perhaps -- And or Clippers that could be in the mix for that need to have all three but they don't necessarily need all result there's an offer out there I wouldn't be surprised if you're a Clippers storm was traded. Well we knew that their bullpen was gonna be looking for a little gonna help but. As is definitely a surprise can we expect any more surprises from the nationals before spring training. Well I would say you know that everything looks at now but then look at what -- just didn't -- think back. Back to a year ago he signed Edwin Jackson and February. And shook his whole rotation so I don't put. And to to throw another strides -- -- -- due to what they have now just sitting there is it more straight at some point. This roster is set a lot at the set the rotation is set. The bench is set now it appears for the most part the bullpen is set they are stacked Communists and training anything and accessed on multiple positions. It's going to be exciting thank you very much mark Zuckerman we appreciate your time. Thank you. CSN Washington dot com.



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